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Frenchie Pillow Cooling Mat

Ideal for summer naps, this Frenchie Pillow Cooling Mat will make your little gremlin feel relaxed and cool after perky neighborhood strolls.
  • made from ice silk
  • place it out of direct sunlight
  • non-slipping bottom
  • the elevated edge that serves as a pillow
  • hand-washable
  • available in different sizes and colors
  • soft and comfortable for everyday use
 Why we ♥ it?Your dog gonna love chilling on this summer cooling mat because it's soft like a cloud. The ice silk fabric provides a cooling effect, while the pillow is perfect to place the head during naps. There is also a non-slipping bottom, so your little batpig won't slide away in case of jumping. You can place it wherever you want, even on tiles, carpet, or your bed. We recommend you choose the coolest place in the house to provide your pooch with the best cooling effect.