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Cow French Bulldog Hat

 Turn your little Frenchie into the greatest furry trendsetter of the neighborhood! Choose between a plain gray or cow pattern, and make your pooch ready for special occasions.
  • made of durable denim jeans fabric
  • comes in two patterns and 3 sizes
  • machine washable at 30 C
  • easy to wear thanks to the elastic band that goes under the dog's chin
  • an ideal pick for special occasions and everyday wear!
  • Size: S diameter of inner ring: 7cm; diameter of the outer ring: 14cm; M inner ring diameter: 9cm; outer ring diameter: 16cm; L inner ring diameter: 13cm; outer ring diameter: 20cm
Why we love it?Are you a proud French bulldog puppy owner? No matter the breed, your pup deserves a style upgrade. These awesome dog hats will make any pup feel chic and cute. A new wardrobe is never complete without all of the season's hottest trends. Check out this fashionable gray or cow patterned fabric hat and match it with an insane French bulldog Cow Skirt or Jumpsuit! Made of real denim jeans fabric with an elastic chin band, it will be perfect for all-day wear. French bulldog hats and caps will protect your dog's sensitive skin from the sun, wind, and even cold.

French Bulldog Winter Hat

French Bulldog Winter HatProvide your furry friend with total ear and neck protection when enjoying winter outdoor adventures by wrapping his lovely gremlin head into this soft, windproof, and cozy French bulldog hat.
  • made of soft and warm fleece
  • silky touch around your dog's face
  • the cute fleece ear pockets gently cover the Frenchie's bat ears
  • perfect protection from the wind and snow
  • the turtle neckline keeps a dog warm
Why we love it?

You know your canine will feel happier and more comfortable when they have a warm hat on. This hat is slouchy and stretchy, so it'll fit your pup just right. It's also machine-washable, so you'll never have to spend time hand-washing your pet's new favorite accessory ever again! This Frenchie hat is actually 2in1 product because it also serves as a warm scarf. The adjustable drawstrings allow you to set the size and provide a snug feeling around his/her flat muzzle. The warm and silky fleece features a comfy ear pockets and turtle neck, so your little gremlin will get a complete protection when spending time outside.