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Dollar Gold Plated French Bulldog Necklace

Dollar Gold Plated French Bulldog Necklace Dollar Gold Plated French Bulldog Necklace is made of light weight materials specifically for

Pimp French Bulldog Sweater With Dollar Chain

Are you searching for a simple and warm French bulldog sweater for your dog? The Pimp French Bulldog Sweater is specially crafted to suit those little gremlins who need snug support during those breezy and windy fall days.
  • Knitted acrylic wool
  • Hand washable at 30 c
  • Decorated with knitted patches 
  • Ideal to be worn on cold fall days
  • Unisex pattern
  • Stretchable fabric
Why we love it? Since it’s made of stretchable fabric, your little gremlin will enjoy wearing this cozy French bulldog sweater. It features colorful knitted patches and represents an ideal pick for the crispy fall season. Your dog can also wear it under a jacket when he wants to feel extra warm. The high cut prevents a dog from the potty messes, while the colors won’t fade even after many washes. The neckline is also an important feature to consider because Frenchies don’t like something to bother their necks. This sweater has an elastic neckline and belly strap to make your dog comfortable and relaxed. Size chart:

Summer French Bulldog Streetwear Sweatshirt

Summer French Bulldog Dollar Streetwear Sweatshirt Hit the street with this Summer French Bulldog Streetwear Sweatshirt! Looks awesome combined with Dollar Gold