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French Bulldog Anti-Slip Mat

French Bulldog Anti-Slip Mat French Bulldog Anti-Slip Mat is a high quality non-slip home mat, with a ridged non slip

French Bulldog Security Doormat

 A doormat that is perfect for anyone who wants to protect their home with a feisty Frenchie by their side.
  • size: 40 cm x 60 cm
  • easy to vacuum and clean
  • stain resistant
  • non-woven textile
  • perfect for any room or decor
  • funny gift for Frenchie owners
  • collects dust and grime
Why we love it?This French Bulldog doormat is perfect for anyone who wants to show their love for these adorable dogs! Not only is it practical, with a non-slip bottom and ability to absorb water, but it also features a funny inscription that will make everyone smile. Your guests will definitely stay aware of a Frenchie who keeps the house secured. Whether you're using it in your hallway, in front of the door, or even in the bathroom, this doormat is sure to keep your floors clean and looking great. The non-slipping bottom ensures that you won't have to worry about slips and falls.

French Bulldog Welcome Door Mats

Welcome your guests in style with this French Bulldog Welcome Door Mats!
  • 40 cm x 60 cm
  • Durable and anti-slip

Frenchies With Glasses Doormat

Frenchies With Glasses Doormat Home is not a house, it’s a feeling so help create the perfect feeling even before you

Welcome French Bulldog Doormat

Welcome French Bulldog DoormatThis French bulldog doormat is the perfect way to keep your guests in check. Let everyone know that they need to be approved by your Frenchie before entering with this hilarious mat.
  • made of non-woven textile
  • scratch-resistant
  • non-slipping bottom
  • great to use in front of bathroom, bedroom, front door, and in hallways
  • funny idea for a gift
  • size: 40cm*60cm/16" x 24"
Why we love it?Step right up, and be greeted by your new furry friend – the French bulldog doormat! This soft and fuzzy mat is perfect for keeping your floors clean and dry, while also adding a touch of personality to your home. The humorous inscription will put a smile on every guest's face, so they know they need to be approved by your Frenchie before entering. Plus, the non-slipping mat ensures that everyone will stay safe on their way in or out. The non-woven textile is easy to vacuum clean and hand wash, so you can keep your home looking chic and tidy.

Wipe Your Paws Door Mat

This adorable Wipe Your Paws Door Mat greets all two- and four-footed creatures who come calling with the same polite reminder to use the mat before entering! It is the perfect mat for animal-loving homes.
  • Wipe Your Paws Door Mat is perfect for any animal-loving home
  • Fun mat features a stylish paw print border with "Wipe Your Paws" message in the center
  • Durably-made for long-lasting use and enjoyment
  • Measures 400 x 600mm / 450 x 750mm
  • Imported

Yoga French Bulldog Doormat

Yoga French Bulldog DoormatThis doormat is perfect for anyone who loves French Bulldogs! It's made of scratch-resistant fabric and decorated with a funny image of a Frenchie doing yoga. But the best part is the farting Frenchie - everyone will know that your home is ruled by a sassy French Bulldog!
  • made of soft and durable fabric
  • comes in classy black color
  • emblazoned with a Frenchie doing yoga
  • water absorbing
  • non-slipping bottom
  • perfect for placing in front of entrance, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen
  • size: 40 x 60cm
  • machine washable in cold water
Why we love it?Introducing the perfect addition to your home- the French Bulldog doormat! This mat is made of scratch-resistant and durable fabric, with a beautiful image of a Frenchie doing yoga on it. But this mat isn't just for looks- it also has a special feature that Frenchies are famous for- farting! So whether you're using this mat to wipe your feet on or just to show off your sassy sense of humor, the French Bulldog doormat is sure to make a statement. Available in black color so stains won't be visible.Size: