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Easter Bunny Fleece French Bulldog Hoodie

Didn't think you could dress up your Frenchie into an adorable Easter Bunny? Those big ears, wiggling noses and adorable tails will melt everyone's heart.
  • made of fuzzy and soft fleece
  • emblazoned with adorable bunny tail and ears
  • perfect for taking family photos
  • hand washable
  • double-sewn cuffs
  • inspired by Easter-bunny tradition
  • available in 2 colors
  • ideal for crispy and breezy weather
Why we love it?Since the French bulldog's ears don't hang low and we can't tie them in a bow, the Easter Bunny Fleece French Bulldog Hoodie will be a perfect pick for turning your dog into an adorable bunny. The hoodie will bring festive vibes to the Easter celebration and will make your pet warm and snug in chilly weather. Since it's made of fuzzy fabric, your pooch will have a 'blanket feeling' around his/her body. This French bulldog hoodie is embellished with a huge bunny tail and ears that stand high on the top of the hood. The high cut prevents potty messes, while the cuffs keep the sleeves in the right place. Size chart: