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Ceramic Bone French Bulldog Feeding Bowl

Choose an elegant and high-quality feeding bowl for your Frenchie. This Ceramic Bone French bulldog feeding bowl comes with an elevated part to ease the process of eating and drinking in Senior Frenchies.
  • Vet tested and approved
  • Bamboo dish rack
  • 15-degree tilt
  • Designed to ease the pain in joints and neck
  • Comes with an elevated part
  • The bowl is made of high-quality ceramics
Why do we love it?Specially crafted for the French bulldog breed, this Elevated Ceramic feeding bowl helps in reducing neck pains. Since Frenchies have short necks, they require eating from elevated feeding bowls. This bowl also removes the pressure from your dog’s front legs that can be very nerve-wracking in older Frenchies.Size info:

Ceramic Feeding Bowl With Wooden Stand

Ceramic Feeding Bowl With Wooden Stand Choose a high-quality and unique French bulldog feeding bowl that will make a difference

French Bulldog Interactive Feeder Toy

French Bulldog Interactive Feeder Toy Your dog will feel entertained and curious for hours with this French Bulldog Interactive Feeder

French Bulldog Slow Feeding Toy

French Bulldog Slow Feeder Toy will help your dog's IQ develop as well as make them eat slowly.Easy to install The height is adjustable to accommodate different body types Anti-slip mat Great gift for your pets

French Bulldog Smart Slow Feeder Toy

Let your Frenchie have hours of fun, and develop his/her IQ with this French Bulldog Smart Slow Feeder Toy from Frenchie World.1、LEVEL 3 GAME - An advanced dog puzzle toy that trains your dog to learn sequential steps & is recommended for more challenging play. 2、A SMARTER CHOICE: The Dog Casino Toy is a smart option for pet parents and dog trainers looking to engage and excite their dogs. Opposed to typical treat feeding toys, the Dog Casino is filled with obstacles and new features that keep dogs playing and happily. 3、REDUCE BOREDOM - 6 treat compartments & 6 moving pieces will keep your dog busy and challenged while teaching them problem-solving skills & redirecting destructive behaviors. 4、FILL WITH TREATS: Each tray of the Dog Casino Toy holds your dog's favorite treats and/or kibble. Just load each tray before you play to watch them unlock rewards and learn new skills. 5、EASY TO CLEAN - Hand wash with soap and water, rinse and dry.Description: Material: environmentally friendly ABS Difficulty: difficult Scope of application: all dogs Size: about 13.6 x 14.5 x 2inPacking List: 1X educational slow feeding toy

French Bulldog Tumbler Slow-Feeding Bowl

If you want to keep your dog entertained and slow down his eating, then you gotta check our Tumbler Slow-Feeding Bowl. It will occupy your Frenchie’s attention, improve his intelligence, and turn his meals into a game.
  • Improves a dog’s intelligence
  • Increase dog movement and eating pleasure
  • Perfect for anxious pups who need to distract attention of the owner’s absence
  • Available in different colors
  • Made of non-toxic and safe material
Why Do We Love It?Thanks to a round design, the Tumbler Slow-Feeding Bowl will turn your dog’s meals into moments of fun. It’s perfect to use on anxious pups who need some fun time while spending moments of loneliness at home. Since the bowl releases the dry kibble food as your dog moves it with a muzzle, you can be sure that he will love playing with it. Besides, it represents the ideal solution for greedy eaters who suffer from flatulence. Your pup will slow down and extend the time for eating, so your pooch will be less prone to experience painful gasses.

Frenchie Anti-Bloat Feeding Bowl

Frenchie Anti-Bloat Feeding Bowl Stop your Frenchie’s fast eating habit and prevent it from deadly bloat with this Frenchie Anti-Bloat

Frenchie World Feeding Bowl With Automatic Water Dispenser

Frenchie World Feeding Bowl With Automatic Water Dispenser From now on, your Frenchie will always have clean, warm and safe