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Ceramic Bone French Bulldog Feeding Bowl

Choose an elegant and high-quality feeding bowl for your Frenchie. This Ceramic Bone French bulldog feeding bowl comes with an elevated part to ease the process of eating and drinking in Senior Frenchies.
  • Vet tested and approved
  • Bamboo dish rack
  • 15-degree tilt
  • Designed to ease the pain in joints and neck
  • Comes with an elevated part
  • The bowl is made of high-quality ceramics
Why do we love it?Specially crafted for the French bulldog breed, this Elevated Ceramic feeding bowl helps in reducing neck pains. Since Frenchies have short necks, they require eating from elevated feeding bowls. This bowl also removes the pressure from your dog’s front legs that can be very nerve-wracking in older Frenchies.Size info:

Ceramic Cartoon Feeding and Drinking Bowl

Your dog will now have a unique and cute bowl for eating and drinking thanks to our carefully crafted Ceramic Cartoon Feeding and drinking bowl.
  • Available in dozens of cute designs
  • Composition: ceramic
  • Dishwasher safe
Why do we love it?Your little princess or pal will now have the prettiest feeding and drinking bowl in the neighborhood. Our Ceramic cartoon bowl comes in different patterns such as Teddy Bear, Panda, Fox, Cat, fish, and many others. They are easy to clean, and dishwasher safe too. The glossy glaze brings a dose of luxury, and it will surely fit any type of interior.

Designer French Bulldog High Foot Bowl


Designer French Bulldog High Foot Bowl

Inspired by the rich contemporary art, an Designer French Bulldog High Foot Bowl will add glamour touch to every Frenchie home.
  • Stainless steel
  • 5 colors
  • Elevated feeder
  • Prevent deadly bloat

Detachable French bulldog Feeding Bowl

Choose a feeding bowl that is made of non-toxic and safe materials that your dog will use for years. Our Detachable French bulldog feeding bowl is slightly elevated and will prevent your dog from pressure on joints.
  • Stainless steel bowl, plastic stand
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Slightly elevated
  • Available in different colors
  • Bowl diameter 17,50 cm
Why do we love it?Our Detachable French bulldog feeding bowl comes with a non-toxic plastic stand that removes the pressure from your dog’s joints. The stand helps in keeping the bowl in one place. Therefore, your pet will have a pleasant meal without chasing the bowl across the slippery floor. The plastic stand is available in many colors and the bowl diameter is 17,5 cm.

French Bulldog Feeding and Sniffing Mat

Your Frenchie will have to solve the puzzle before he reach dozens of hidden snacks on this French bulldog feeding mat.
  • Resistant to tearing
  • Fleece cloth
  • Machine and hand washable
  • Available in different patterns, shapes, and sizes
Why do we love it?We adore this French bulldog feeding mat because it provides a mental exercise to your pet. It’s perfect to use for sniff training and when you want to occupy the dog’s attention. Before your Frenchie reach the food, he’ll need to solve a puzzle by investigating the mat. It is available in many patterns and sizes, and your pup will definitely love to spend time on it.Size: 46x46x5cm

French Bulldog Slow Feeding Toy

French Bulldog Slow Feeder Toy will help your dog's IQ develop as well as make them eat slowly.Easy to install The height is adjustable to accommodate different body types Anti-slip mat Great gift for your pets

French Bulldog Tumbler Slow-Feeding Bowl

If you want to keep your dog entertained and slow down his eating, then you gotta check our Tumbler Slow-Feeding Bowl. It will occupy your Frenchie’s attention, improve his intelligence, and turn his meals into a game.
  • Improves a dog’s intelligence
  • Increase dog movement and eating pleasure
  • Perfect for anxious pups who need to distract attention of the owner’s absence
  • Available in different colors
  • Made of non-toxic and safe material
Why Do We Love It?Thanks to a round design, the Tumbler Slow-Feeding Bowl will turn your dog’s meals into moments of fun. It’s perfect to use on anxious pups who need some fun time while spending moments of loneliness at home. Since the bowl releases the dry kibble food as your dog moves it with a muzzle, you can be sure that he will love playing with it. Besides, it represents the ideal solution for greedy eaters who suffer from flatulence. Your pup will slow down and extend the time for eating, so your pooch will be less prone to experience painful gasses.

Frenchie Anti-Bloat Feeding Bowl

Frenchie Anti-Bloat Feeding Bowl Stop your Frenchie’s fast eating habit and prevent it from deadly bloat with this Frenchie Anti-Bloat

Frenchie World Feeding Bowl With Automatic Water Dispenser

Frenchie World Feeding Bowl With Automatic Water Dispenser From now on, your Frenchie will always have clean, warm and safe

Frenchie World® Anti-Choke Slow Eating & Drinking Bowl

Frenchie World® Anti-Choke Slow Eating & Drinking Bowl
  • Healthy and Slow Feeding Design: The pet bowl with bone shape rotating hinder prolongs the pet's eating time and effectively guards against obesity, indigestion and bloating, which are caused by fast eating.
  • Non-toxic Material: Made of BPA free ABS and PVC, secure and durable for pets.
  • Detachable Design: The inner bowl is separated from the base, which is convenient to detach and clean. The fornicate base makes it ventilated and easy to take up.
  • Share with Solid & Liquid: The sealing ring perfectly seals the bone support hole.
  • Brand New and High quality
  • With black anti-slip rubber strips at the bottom.
  • It can be split, the bottom bowl hold food, the upper bowl holds water, very affordable
  • Dogs are also not afraid of no matter how naughty knocked over.
  • Washable at high temperature, non-deformation, beautiful and generous.
  • Has a relatively good insulation effect.
  • Shaped bone hand-grip makes bowls easier to pick up & put down with fewer spills, and more convenient to be used
  • Packed safely and firm, it will not be broken in transit
  • Volume: 400 or 700 ml

Frenchie World® Anti-wet Mouth Floating Drinking Bowl


Frenchie World® Anti-wet Mouth Floating Drinking Bowl

  • The float will slowly rise when the water is added to the bowl.
  • Open the float on one side of the orange stopper,To the floating plate inside the water used to increase the weight of the floating plate, thus controlling the water yield.
  • CPets through the floating plate in the middle of the small hole to drink water, will not wet mouth, clean and sanitary.
  • The red "cockscomb" device can be used to pick up a round floats.
  • You can also be used as a dog bowl when remove the floating plate.

Frenchie World® IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Egg

TheFrenchie World® IQ Treat ball interactive food egg rewards your French Bulldog for playing, dropping treats as the ball rolls. The ball’s interior disk adjusts to change the difficulty level, and you can fill the ball with treats or a full meal.Best for:
  • French Bulldogs and other mini breeds
  • Dogs who love to chase
  • Dogs who need a “slow feeder” that keeps them moving