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Flea and Tick French Bulldog Collars

Flea and tick collars will provide your pet with complete protection against these parasites. From now on, you’ll Frenchie will be able to enjoy spending time outside without being concerned about fleas and tick bites.
  • Two pieces in a box
  • Made on a natural basis
  • Adjustable fit, self-adhesive provides 8 months of protection
  • Length 62 cm
Why do we love it?We all love to spend time in nature with our four-legged friends. However, the spring and autumn seasons can be very challenging because of the tick season. This Flea and Tick collar has been tested on Frenchies and it works perfectly. It comes with 2 collars in the pack and they provide 8 months of protection against ticks and fleas. It’s made on a natural basis, and it won’t cause any irritations and allergies in your furry friend.

French Bulldog Anti Flea Herbal Collar

French Bulldog Anti Flea Herbal CollarFrom now on, your Frenchie can freely enjoy running and rolling in the grass thanks to the full protection against ticks, mosquitoes and flea bites with this French Bulldog Anti Flea Herbal Collar!
  • 2 Collars Pack!
  • Protective time: Approx 3-8 Months
  • Size: 63.5 cm (Adjustable)
  • Primary Ingredient: Polyethylen, Linaloe, Cinnamon oil
  • Expiration Date: Approx 2 Years
We all have to agree that there’s nothing worse than feeling itchy because of the mosquito bites. The pack consists of two collars (size 63cm) that provide 8 months of protection and are waterproof. The mix of natural repellents will make all the harmful insects run away from your furry friend.