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French Bulldog Pawprint Stamp Pad

This fun and unique stamp set is the perfect way to capture your French Bulldog's growth over time!
  • Size: Within the frame size 9.5*5.7cm ; overall size 12.5*8cm
  • Ink in 6 available colors
  • 1 printing oil +2 sheets of paper
  • Cute idea for a gift
  • The set that will remind you of your furry friend's puppyhood
Why we love it?With this French Bulldog Pawprint Stamp Pad, you can immortalize the period of your dog's growth! It contains one printing oil, two paper sheets, and you can choose between six ink colors. This is a great commemorative gift for any dog parent who wants to record their Frenchie's growth. You just need to put your dog's paw on the spongy ink box and then apply it onto the paper that comes in the set. When the imprint is finished, you can frame the pawprint and place it in a special place in your home.