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Frenchie World® Oil Extracted Fragrances

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, soap will usually get into your French Bulldog eyes. While all of Frenchie World® shampoons use natural products to clean gently, this specific formula was designed to clean without the sting, letting the milg, grape or bamboo minerals soothe, moisturize, and maintain your puppy’s sensitive skin.
1. This pet bath salt is of weight about 200g / bottle
2. Specialy developed for bulldog type of dogs
3. Efficacy: to solve the itching and inflammatory pet skin problems, to resist fleas and other parasites, essential oil extraction, cheap chemical flavor free.
4. Use: pour 100L warm water into the bathtub, then add a spoon of bath salt and stir it completely, make the dog soak in it for 10-15 minutes, stroke your pet to promote blood circulation when the pet soaks in the water.
5. Capacity: 200g
6. Material: sea salt
7. Specifications: milk fragrance / grape fragrance / bamboo fragrance