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Cozy & Breathable French Bulldog Sleeping Mat

Our light, soft, yet durable dog mat sets up in seconds and will provide hours of comfort for small furry ones to snuggle down in.
  • pp cotton filling
  • hand washable only
  • available in different patterns
  • outer layer made of cozy and breathable fabric
  • easy to clean
  • features a soft roller cushion for a dog's head
  • practical solution when traveling and chilling on the couch
Why do we love it?It doesn't get any cozier than this, especially for your fluffy French bulldog! The Cozy & Breathable French Bulldog Sleeping Mat is just what your dog needs to stay nice and warm when those winter evenings start rolling in. It's perfect for snuggle-up time or movie night on the sofa with your batpig. This mat has a soft, thick cushion that was designed to keep your dog's head supported while he's sleeping to remain comfortable even if he changes the sleeping position during slumber or if shifting from side to side. It also protects sensitive skin from scratches and re-adjusts its shape as needed throughout the duration of the nap. These mats are super lightweight too, which makes them easy to pack away when guests come over.

Cozy French Bulldog Sofa Bed

Introduce your furry gremlin to the coziest spot for chilling and sleeping throughout the year! 
  • ensured with side pillows for better comfort
  • the bed shapes according to your pet's body
  • filled with pp cotton
  • available in many sizes and colors
  • pet-friendly fabric that is easy to clean
  • scratch-resistant fabric

Why we ♥ it?

We all know that French bulldog beds should be cozy and big enough to support these dogs' hilarious sleeping positions.Even though they're small in size, they still want to spread all over their beds like kings.Our Cozy French Bulldog Sofa Bed will become your dog's favorite spot for chilling and sleeping while providing him/her with a feeling of safety too.The side pillows are great for dogs who like to place heads on elevated spots, while pp cotton filling will shape as your dog changes a sleeping position.The fabric is pet-friendly which means it's easy to clean off dirt and dog hair.Choose between many colors and sizes, and let your pooch have quality sleep.

Deep Nest French Bulldog Bed

Let your Frenchie curl up, sleep, and rest in a cozy and warm nest made of superior baby fleece.
  • Weight: 650g
  • Color: blue, coffee, purple
  • Material: velvet, baby fleece
  • Filling: PP cotton
  • Size: 50cm bottom
  • Ideal for anxious pooches who suffer from anxiety
  • provide a dog with a feeling of safety
  • anti-slipping bottom
Why we love it?Your dog will enjoy sleeping in this cozy and warm Deep Nest French Bulldog Bed. It features elevated edges that will provide every anxious pooch with a feeling of safety. Regardless of your dog's age, this French bulldog bed will shape according to his sleeping position. The soft felt filling will provide your pet with superior comfort and coziness, and that is only one of the reasons to buy this bed for your Frenchie!Size info:

French Bulldog Cooling Corner Crib

 Upgrade your Frenchie's time of rest and sleep by allowing him/her to taste enjoyable moments on this French Bulldog Cooling Corner Crib.
  • easy to install
  • features edges on two sides
  • ideal to use during the summer months
  • available in 2 shapes and many colors
  • a cooling top surface is leakproof and scratch-resistant
  • filled with PP cotton
  • it can be disassembled
  • features a sponge pad inside, extra comfort throughout the year
Why we love it?This adorable and practical Dog Corner Crib will provide every anxious dog with enjoyable and relaxing moments. Available in the triangle and square shapes, you can choose the one that will suit your dog better. The elevated edges can serve as pillow, and by placing it in the corner of your room, your pooch will get a feeling of safety. The bottom is anti-slipping, while the top layer provides a cooling effect.

French Bulldog Crown Bed

Show everyone that your Frenchie is the only king in your kingdom by allowing him to sleep and chill in our French Bulldog Crown Bed.
  • Suitable for small dogs
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Super soft short plush, very comfortable in touch
  • Made of soft and cozy plush
  • Filled with pp cotton
  • Hand washable
Why we love it?If you adore buying unique items for your Frenchie, then you'll surely go crazy for this French bulldog bed. The 3D crown will allow your Frenchie to become the main king of the house who won't let anyone ruin his privacy. The crown bed is available in different colors and your pooch will experience maximum comfort and support. The pp cotton will shape as your dog takes a sleeping position, while the elevated edges can serve as a pillow.

French Bulldog Summer Garden Chair

 Let your Frenchie become your best company for spending a relaxing day outdoor by providing him/her with a cozy place for chilling.
  • Fabric: Thick polyester cloth
  • High-strength steel pipe
  • Net weight: about 2.2kg
  • Bearing capacity: up to 60 kg
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • A collapsible and practical chair for dogs and kids
  • Ideal to use indoor or outdoor
  • Wet cloth cleaning
  • Anti-slip chair legs
Why we love it?Inspired by humans' beach chairs, this amazing French Bulldog Summer Garden Chair will make your pet feel relaxed, safe, and happy during the time of rest. Available in different colors and patterns, its lightweight and collapsible design allows you to carry and place this chair wherever you want. In case you have kids, you can even buy one for your youngest family members when going to spend a day on the beach or by the pool. Your French bulldog will adore sleeping and chilling inside of it because it provides a snuggly and safe feeling.

French Bulldog Swing Bed

Give your dog the ultimate comfort throughout the year by providing him/her with a cozy and safe place for rest.
  • Material: Cotton + Polyester
  • Suitable for dogs under 15 kg
  • Ensured with a dog harness
  • Cozy place for small puppies
  • 4 adjustable levels
  • It can work as a cooling bed during the summer
  • Size: 78x39x42cm(30.7"x15.35"x16.53")
  • Made of durable and breathable mesh
  • Different angles can meet the needs of sleeping, feeding, entertainment, and storage
Why we love it?This amazing French Bulldog Swing Bed will become your pet's favorite place for sleeping, chilling, and having a rest. You can choose between 4 adjustable levels and thanks to a transparent and breathable fabric, your pooch will get a cooling effect on warm days. The bed is suitable for pooches under 15 kg, and it's ensured with a safety harness to prevent your pup from falling. Thanks to a foldable design, the bed takes up little space and the mesh fabric allows you easy cleaning with a wet cloth and detergent.

Luxury French Bulldog Sofa Bed

 Your dog will sleep like a king in his/her own area of safety and comfort in this sofa bed carefully made to suit your furry friend's needs.
  • covered with easy-clean fabric
  • pet-friendly fabric for better skin comfort
  • elevated edges provide a feeling of safety
  • side edges can serve as a pillow
  • wet cloth cleaning, dry cleaning
  • filled with memory foam that shapes according to your pet's body
  • available in different colors and sizes
  • bite and scratch-resistant fabric for naughty dogs
Why we love it?

Your pup deserves the best! Treat them with this elevated French bulldog bed that's filled with memory foam and pp cotton for their comfort. It's available in many colors and features anti-slip bottom for better sleep. Choose the color that will suit your interior the best and let your Frenchie sleep in the bed that will make him feel like a king. The elevated edges are especially suitable for dogs who love to place their heads on pillows, while the filling provides a maximum rest for senior and tired pooches.

Plush & Satin French Bulldog Nest Bed

Provide your pet with superior comfort during sleep by using the Plush & Satin French Bulldog Nest Bed which supports joints and soothes pressure points.
  •  elevated edges to place the head
  • cute satin bow details
  • low frontal edge for easier jumping in
  • non-slipping surface to prevent accidents
  • comes in a pack with a small pillow
Why we love it?With a soft plush on the outside and thick felt lining, your Frenchie will enjoy a deep sleep in this French bulldog bed. Unlike standard dog beds, this one features elevated edges that allow your pet to place its head. Besides, there is also an extra pillow that your pooch will surely enjoy carry around or use during sleep. The nest is decorated with a lovely satin bow and tulle lace on the edges that bring girly details. You can choose between 2 colors and sizes, and your Frenchie princess will surely be grateful to have such a comfy and luxurious crib for chilling. This French Bulldog bed will keep your Frenchie toasty when sleeping!

Summer Cooling French Bulldog Pad Bed

 Sometimes we all need a nice breeze to cool off even our dogs. To prevent your pooch from overheating, make sure he/she has a safe and cooling place for chilling during hot summer days.
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Waterproof internal liner
  • Foldable, portable
  • Waterproof outer layer
  • You can choose between a pad bed or a regular dog bed with elevated edges
  • Attractive pattern
  • Available in different sizes
Why we love it?We adore the attractive prints, high-quality cooling fabric, and foldable design of this French bulldog bed. The outer layer of the pad bed provides a cooling effect to a dog's body, while the anti-slipping bottom will keep it in one place. For those colder days, you can also choose a lightweight bad bed with elevated edges that can serve as a pillow for the dog's head. You can even place it on your sofa bed when you want to keep your furniture clean from the dog's shedding.Size: Dog Mat: S:60*43cm M:70*53cm L:80*58cmDog Bed: S:55*38*5cm M:68*47*5cm L:84*59*5cm

Summer Cooling Frenchie Mat

 Let your Frenchie get the coolest spot for chillin’ on hot summer days with this dog cooling pad. Made of scratch-resistant and waterproof fabric, this French bulldog bed will also help in keeping your house clean during the shedding season.
  • Made of waterproof fabric
  • Scratch-resistant pet-friendly fabric
  • Breathable bottom made of mesh
  • The silky-in-touch fabric provides a pleasant cooling effect to a dog
  • It gives the best effect when placed out of sunlight
  • Breathable and elevated edges
  • S 45x35cm=17.5x13.8in, suitable for pets within 3kg
  • M 58x45cm=22.8x17.5in, suitable for pets within 6kg
  • L 68x55cm=26.8x21.5in, suitable for pets within 10kg
  • Comes in three designs
Why we  it?Is there anything more important than providing your Frenchie with a safe and cool place for sleeping and napping? Thanks to our Summer Cooling Frenchie Mat, your pet will get immediate relief from hotness when you get back from a walk.  Available in three sizes, and equipped with a mesh non-slipping bottom to provide breathability, your little gremlin will enjoy every summer nap on this dog cooling mat.

Super Soft French Bulldog Bed

rovide your four-legged friend with a perfect place to snuggle up with our Super Soft French Bulldog Bed that easily transforms from a mat into a dog sofa bed. 
  • easy to transform shape
  • mat and dog bed in one
  • pp cotton filling
  • fabric: cornal fleece
  • easy to clean
  • side pillow to place head
  • thick and soft spot for sleeping

Why we ♥ it?

We all know that French bulldogs love to sleep. That's why we have to provide them with cozy spots for sleeping. Because nothing can ruin the peace in the house as a sleepless and anxious dog.This French bulldog bed is a great option for every dog because it easily transforms from a thick and soft mat into a dog sofa bed.By using button closure on the mat, you can transform it into a bed with side pillows where your pet can place its head.Besides, the bed is very soft and thick, so it provides a snuggle feeling.Due to that, it can be of great help to dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. This thick dog bed is also easy to clean with a wet cloth.The fabric is scratch resistant, so it will surely sustain your puppy's vivacious games, rolling, and jumping.