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Waterproof French Bulldog Boots

Make your Frenchie enjoy the winter games by keeping his/her paws safe from road salt and icy terrains.
  • made of waterproof fabric
  • padded with a warm filling
  • anti-slip sole that prevents slipping
  • available in many colors and 5 sizes
  • Size Shoes Width Shoes Length 1 3.5cm/1.37" 4.4cm/1.73" 2 3.8cm/1.49" 4.7cm/1.85" 3 4.0cm/1.57" 5.0cm/1.96" 4 4.4cm/1.73" 5.5cm/2.16" 5 4.8cm/1.88" 6.0cm/2.36 "
  • keeps the dog's paws dry and safe from icy and sharp terrains
  • improve traction
  • protect the dog's paw pads from a burning effect when exposed to a toxic street salt
Why we love it?

Keep your pooch's paws safely dry and warm all year round with dog boots made of waterproof fabric. Our dog boots are perfect for when the ground is wet, muddy, or snowy! It's the only way to keep your dog dry in inclement weather. Take a look at these dog boots from Frenchie World! With a waterproof design and non-slip soles, your pup will be safe from harmful elements. What's more, these boots are made with elastic for a comfortable, snug fit. So order now and keep your dog healthy and happy!