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Cow French Bulldog Hat

 Turn your little Frenchie into the greatest furry trendsetter of the neighborhood! Choose between a plain gray or cow pattern, and make your pooch ready for special occasions.
  • made of durable denim jeans fabric
  • comes in two patterns and 3 sizes
  • machine washable at 30 C
  • easy to wear thanks to the elastic band that goes under the dog's chin
  • an ideal pick for special occasions and everyday wear!
  • Size: S diameter of inner ring: 7cm; diameter of the outer ring: 14cm; M inner ring diameter: 9cm; outer ring diameter: 16cm; L inner ring diameter: 13cm; outer ring diameter: 20cm
Why we love it?Are you a proud French bulldog puppy owner? No matter the breed, your pup deserves a style upgrade. These awesome dog hats will make any pup feel chic and cute. A new wardrobe is never complete without all of the season's hottest trends. Check out this fashionable gray or cow patterned fabric hat and match it with an insane French bulldog Cow Skirt or Jumpsuit! Made of real denim jeans fabric with an elastic chin band, it will be perfect for all-day wear. French bulldog hats and caps will protect your dog's sensitive skin from the sun, wind, and even cold.

French Bulldog Baseball Cap For Humans

A cap is a staple in everyone's wardrobe. Whether we use it for hiding a bad hair day or a sun protection, a good  cap can add a key component to our outfit.
  • Material Description: 100% cotton (washed denim fabric)
  • For people: Unisex
  • Cap circumference (cm): 55-59cm
  • Hat brim (cm): 7cm
  • Cap height (cm): 13cm
Why we love it?This French Bulldog cap for humans comes in many colors. It's perfect to mix and match with different clothes to get a sporty or casual outfit. We can wear it with a pair of joggers, sunglasses, and other casual pieces that will make us look trendy on different occasions. Embellished at the front with a cute Frenchie, this cap will show everyone how much you adore this breed. You can set the size on the back, and choose your favorite color to  brighten up your look in warmer weather.

French Bulldog Mom Baseball Cap

Show everyone that you're a proud Frenchie mama and protect yourself on sunny days by wearing this adorable French Bulldog Mom Baseball Cap.
  • an ideal pick for a gift
  • available in many colors and sizes for adults and kids
  • perfect for summer wear
  • a cute addition to a casual and sporty outfit
  • both sides on the cap are made of breathable mesh
Why we love it?Spice up your summer outfit with one of our gorgeous French Bulldog Mom Baseball Caps. Specially made for dog parents, this cap can be bought in adult and kid’s sizes. Whatever the occasion is, this detail will make you look casual and sporty. It represents a perfect pick for the summer season when we all need to stay protected from hot sun rays. Choose your favorite color and let the summer season begin! Life is too short for wearing boring outfits!

Frenchie Woof Baseball Cap

Sometimes, we need only one detail to make our day special. That’s why you deserve to wear the Frenchie Woof Baseball Cap to make your style and mood bright and cheerful. 
  • Available in pale pink pattern
  • Embellished with printed Frenchies
  • Made of solid canvas
  • Adjustable size
  • Perfect for the summer season
  • Wet cloth cleaning
Why we love it?Every woman would love to wear an item inspired by one of the most adorable four-legged creatures in the world. The Frenchie Woof Baseball Cap will be a cute addition to your summer outfit when we all need to stay protected from hot sun rays. The cap is made of solid canvas which is pleasant to wear. Since it comes in pale pink color, it can be easily matched both with sporty and casual picks. The printed pied Frenchies will surely make you noticed and will show everyone that you’re a proud Frenchie owner.

Plaid French Bulldog Summer Hat

Protect your dog from direct sun when going on walks by using the Plaid French Bulldog Summer Hat.
  • made of breathable fabric
  • stylish detail for the summer season
  • the elastic bands go around the dog's ears
  • provides a sun protection
  • protects from the heat
  • hand washable in cold water
Why we love it?Many dog owners forget about their dog's safety when going on walks in the warm weather. Therefore, think about your Frenchie and prevent him from overheating by using this adorable Plaid French Bulldog Summer Hat. It will protect your dog from direct sun rays, and soft elastic bands that go under the dog's ears will keep the hat in the right place. This French bulldog hat is also perfect for taking family photos and looking spotted on special occasions. Your pet can also wear it wet in case you want to provide her with a cooling effect during strolls.Size chart:

Winter Puffy French Bulldog Cap

  This winter, gear up your fur kid with the perfect accessory for keeping him/her warm outside on walks, or any dog-friendly destination! Keep furry heads cozy and cute with our warm dog winter cap.
  • made of knitted acrylic wool
  • decorated with a pom pom on the top
  • features a drawstring that goes under the chin
  • protects a dog from cold, wind, snow
  • inspired by human's cap design
  • Optional Size: S, M, L
  • S Head Circumference: app.33-41cm/12.99-16.14in
  • M Head Circumference: app.41-51cm/16.14-20.08in
  • L Head Circumference: app.53-61cm/20.87-24.02in
Why we love it?Does your pup look a little chilly? Give him the perfect winter staple with this adorable dog cap. Made of warm acrylic fibers, it is just what you need for keeping your furry friend protected from harsh weather. The cap features a drawstring that runs under the chin to stay in place, ensuring he's snug as a bug in his stylish new piece of headwear!