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Yoga French Bulldog Doormat

Yoga French Bulldog DoormatThis doormat is perfect for anyone who loves French Bulldogs! It's made of scratch-resistant fabric and decorated with a funny image of a Frenchie doing yoga. But the best part is the farting Frenchie - everyone will know that your home is ruled by a sassy French Bulldog!
  • made of soft and durable fabric
  • comes in classy black color
  • emblazoned with a Frenchie doing yoga
  • water absorbing
  • non-slipping bottom
  • perfect for placing in front of entrance, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen
  • size: 40 x 60cm
  • machine washable in cold water
Why we love it?Introducing the perfect addition to your home- the French Bulldog doormat! This mat is made of scratch-resistant and durable fabric, with a beautiful image of a Frenchie doing yoga on it. But this mat isn't just for looks- it also has a special feature that Frenchies are famous for- farting! So whether you're using this mat to wipe your feet on or just to show off your sassy sense of humor, the French Bulldog doormat is sure to make a statement. Available in black color so stains won't be visible.Size: