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Frenchie Mama French Bulldog Door Mat


Let all your guests know you are a proud mama of a French bulldog! No one will dare to come unannounced because your little gremlin is always ready for an alert!
  • 100 % polyester
  • 40 x 60 cm
  • perfect interior decoration for proud Frenchie moms
  • ideal for placing in front of your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen
  • machine washable
  • non-slipping bottom
  • soft outer fabric
Why we ♥ it?Whether you want to decorate your office, bedroom, or bathroom, this Frenchie-inspired door mat will enrich every place with cuteness. Made of soft polyester and ensured with non-slipping bottom, you can place it on every type of surface. A lovely Frenchie will charm every visitor because being a mom of these dogs is a special life role. A great thing about this door mat is that's machine washable. Therefore, easy maintenance is the ultimate reason to own it!