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French Bulldog Designer Vest


Ready for your best four-legged friend to keep you company this winter? Give your pup a French bulldog designer vest for some extra warmth and style.

  • padded with warm pp cotton
  • made from water-repellent polyester fabric
  • button closure
  • high quality fabric that won't tear
  • detachable hood for cold weather
Why we ♥ it?Protect your dog from the cold with our newest and best dog vest you'll ever find! The French Bulldog Vest is made from high quality polyester that can keep your dog safe and warm during harsh weather. The vest is padded with pp cotton for more comfort, and has a detachable hood to protect your dog from the wind and rain .Your furry friend will be comfortable and safe in their own vest which can accommodate up to a 20-25 inch girth. This is truly an amazing product for any French Bulldog owner! Besides feeling warm, your pet will also look trendy and stylish for any occasion. In case your pooch needs and extra layer, you can even match it with one of our French bulldog hoodies.

Reflective French Bulldog Raincoat

From now on, your furry friend's rainy adventures will get a dose of style and protection with our Reflective French Bulldog Raincoat.
  • made from a waterproof fabric
  • lightweight and comfortable
  • features a hole for the leash
  • reflective stripes for better safety
  • a hood with an adjustable string
Why do we love it?We have to admit that the smell of a wet dog is the most unpleasant smell we'll ever face. Therefore, buying your Frenchie a protective raincoat will not only prevent them from being wet, but will also keep them safe from feeling cold. This French bulldog raincoat is made from a waterproof fabric, and it features reflective stipes so your dog can stay safe and visible even in low light conditions. Besides, it also comes with a practical leash hole on the back, so your dog will be ready for a stroll in a minute

Dog Face French Bulldog Windbreaker Jacket

Lightweight and insulating, this French bulldog windbreaker jacket will keep your pup safe in harsh weather conditions.
  • made from polyester windbreaker fabric
  • waterproof layer for rainy weather
  • zipper closure
  • adjustable size on the belly
Why we ♥ it?Perfect to keep your little gremlin safe in the autumn and winter, this sporty dog windbreaker jacket will become one of the most wearable items from their closet. Made of waterproof fabric and ensured with reflective details, from now on you and your doggy will be able to enjoy evening walks. The jacket is available in many colors and sizes and made with one purpose in mind- to keep every Frenchie out there safe and comfortable in windy and wet weather.  

French Bulldog Fashion Fleece Jacket

Give your dog a chic & trendy piece of clothing that she/he will enjoy wearing! Made of super-soft fleece and inspired by a famous human clothing brand, this French bulldog jacket will be a conversation starter in the neighborhood.
  • made of warm and soft fleece fabric
  • inspired by a famous human clothing brand
  • zipper closure
  • high collar to protect the dog's neck from the cold
  • machine washable
  • it provides a 'blanket feeling' while wearing it
Why we ♥ it?No one will wear it better than your Frenchie! This adorable fleece jacket is made to wrap and snug your little gremlin on those chilly days. Since French bulldogs can't regulate their body temperature due to their brachycephalic skulls, buying clothes for them is not your whim. Therefore, protect your dog from those harsh weather and make him/her feel comfortable when going on strolls! The printed fleece details will catch everyone's eye and your pooch will look like a million-dollar baby for sure!undefined

Block & Shiny French Bulldog Raincoat

From now on, your little gremlin will be able to stay dry and protected in rainy weather conditions in our Block & Shiny French Bulldog Raincoat.
  • waterproof and windproof fabric
  • ideal for windy weather conditions
  • trendy design that catches everyone's eye
  • available in two colors
  • hand washable only
  • isolated with breathable fabric inside for better feeling
  • adjustable drawstrings on the hood
  • elastic band cuffs and hem
Why we love it?Are you one of those Frenchie owners who like to see his/her dog dressed in trendy and stylish clothes? Block & Shiny French Bulldog Raincoat will be an ideal pick for breezy and cozy weather conditions when you want to keep your dog safe. Besides, the fabric is waterproof, so your pooch can enjoy staying outside in the rainy weather also. We love the adjustable drawstring on the hood that allows you to wrap and protect your pooch in harsh weather. The cuffs and hem feature an elastic band, so the cut will fit well around every corner of the body. This French bulldog coat will surely become one of the best picks in your dog's wardrobe!Size chart:

Casual Colorful French Bulldog Jacket

Casual Colorful French Bulldog JacketLet your dog bring shine and glam even when going to local dog parks! Casual Colorful French Bulldog Jacket will make your dog stylish, spotted, and ready for any outdoor adventure!
  •  made of knitted polyester and decorated with trendy details
  • colorful design that draws attention
  • elastic hem and cuffs
  • hand washable
  • zipper closure for easy dressing
  • protective hood that can be used in windy weather
  • inspired by human clothing
Why we love it?We love French bulldogs! And we know you do, too! That's why it's important to think about how to protect them in crispy weather. This French bulldog jacket is a cute and stylish garment for your pet. It's made of 100% polyester, so it will provide warmth on breezy days. The jacket is decorated with trendy details: the zipper closure, hood, and ribbed hem provide protection against wind and rain, while the polyester padding provides comfort to sensitive skin. For special occasions, we suggest you dress your pet into a matching Casual Colorful French Bulldog Sweater. Your pooch is sure to make everyone turn their heads.

Color Block French Bulldog Vest

  Treat your fur baby to the most stylish of winter gear! A dog vest is a perfect way to keep your French Bulldog cozy and safe during cold weather.
  • filled with pp cotton
  • lightweight and warm pick for the winter season
  • button closure for easy dressing
  • comes with a hood with adjustable drawstrings
  • color block combination of three colors
  • machine washable
  • takes up little space/ can fit into your pocket
Why we love it?Dogs in colder climates need protection from the cold, and our French bulldog vest has serious heat! It's made with a lightweight material that packs away easily. It can be worn alone or over a hoodie or sweater. The three-block color combination of blue, red, and white will add an adorable pop of color to any outfit. The vest is lightweight, filled with pp cotton, and can be packed into your pocket. It's specially created for Frenchies and their large chests and has a hood with adjustable drawstrings and button closure.

Comic Strip French Bulldog Jacket

Cute and colorful comic characters stomp and storm all over this adorable Frenchie jacket made of a soft, supple stretch-cotton blend.
  • a cheerful pattern for everyday wear
  • made of cotton blend fabric
  • machine wash in cold water
  • button closure that prevents hair twitching
  • baseball jacket cut
  • ideal for layering throughout the year
Why we love it?
Your French bulldog will be warm and comfy while shooting across the streets in this Comic Strip French Bulldog Jacket.  Every batpig will be ready to race and roll in this jacket with a button closure that eases the dressing. The cut is carefully made to suit the unique Frenchie's body, while the colorful pattern will bring cheerful and positive vibes to chilly and crispy days.
Size chart:

Creamy Dreamy French Bulldog Jacket

 Available in beige and baby blue tones, this French bulldog jacket will be a super-chic way to make your dog warm.
  • padded with thick pp cotton
  • outer layer is waterproof and windproof
  • high cut for messy piglets
  • available in 5 designs
  • turtle neck for better protection
  • elastic band sleeves
  • zipper closure
Why we love it?Let your dog look cool and unique in every dog park out there! This waterproof dog jacket is filled with pp cotton to keep your pup cozy and features five fun designs to choose from. With a turtle neck to keep them warm and high cut to help them stay clean, your Frenchie will be ready for any outdoor adventure in style! Choose between a hippo, bear, dog, dino, and muppet patterns to make your pooch cute as a muffin wherever she/he goes.

Dino French Bulldog Vest

  Bring the age of the Jurassic to your Frenchie's wardrobe by turning him into the cutest bat-eared Dino in the city.
  • padded with pp cotton
  • water repellent outer layer
  • available in many colors
  • button closure makes the dressing easy
  • emblazoned with cute Dinosaur spikes on the back
  • machine washable
  • inner layer is made of soft and warm plush
Why we love it?Looking for a stylish and practical way to keep your Frenchie warm this winter? Look no further than our fashionable French Bulldog vest! Made of water-repellent polyester, it’s filled with pp cotton for extra warmth and features a plush lining. The cute Dinosaur spikes on the back and hood make this vest stand out from the crowd, while the button closure ensures a comfortable and snug fit. Plus, it comes in many colors so you can find the perfect one for your pup.

Duck Down French Bulldog Jacket

Let your dog feel like a car racing star by wearing the Duck Down French Bulldog Jacket.
  • down puffer jacket is ideal for winter wear
  • 100% durable water-resistant polyester ripstop
  • zipper closure for easy dressing
  • lined with duck down
  • superior warmth for the winter season
  • easy to pack
  • design inspired by car racing human jackets
Why we love it?Unlike many other French bulldog jackets, this one features a center front zipper that extends into a stand-up collar. In that way, your little gremlin gets complete winter protection and warmth. The jacket is lined with duck down that is known as one of the best elements that protect against the cold. Thanks to this jacket, your Frenchie will stay comfy and safe to walk outside during the winter season. The design is inspired by a human's car racing jacket, so it's perfect for perky and lively batpigs who search for action 24/7.Size chart:

Floral Bomber French Bulldog Jacket

Get ready for chilly and cozy autumn strolls by making your dog safe from hypothermia in our Floral Bomber French Bulldog Jacket.
  • large floral print
  • bomber style jacket
  • ideal for the autumn season
  • fashionable and functional piece to make your dog warm
  • elastic cuffs and sleeves
  • hand washable in cold water
Why we love it?This French bulldog jacket is trendy and adds a delicate touch to your dog's style. It is emblazoned with a large floral print that is eye-catching. Besides, a lined interior will work as a perfect warm layer on those breezy spring and autumn days. The V-neckline, and elastic cuffs, and hem are put to properly fit on every corner of your pet's body. The button closure prevents hair twitching and makes the dressing easier. This jacket moves with your Frenchie, so you don't have to be worried about his comfort.Size chart: