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Corduroy French Bulldog Jumpsuit

Inspired by vintage coveralls, Corduroy French Bulldog Jumpsuit will become the best stylish pick for buzzing adventures through the town.
  • material: 100% Cotton corduroy
  • available in lavender, vanilla yellow and baby blue colors
  • adjustable suspenders
  • high cut that prevents potty messes
  • machine washable at 30 C
  • emblazoned with fancy pockets on the back
  • ideal to wear during the spring season
  • the bottom features the elastic band
  • roll-up hem on legs
  • loose fit
Why we love it?Specially created for the French bulldog breed, this lightweight and soft-in-touch jumpsuit will make your pooch safe from allergens and comfy on breezy and crispy days. You can choose between romantic lavender, creamy vanilla, and baby blue colors and even match it with sweaters and hoodies on colder days. The jumpsuit features enough room on every inch of your dog’s body, so he/she will be able to enjoy any type of outdoor adventure. We especially love the elastic band on the bottom and high cut that serves to prevent potty messes.

Cow French Bulldog Suspender Jumpsuit & Dress

Cow French Bulldog Suspender Jumpsuit & Dress Let your Frenchie become the coolest farmer on Earth, with this adorable Cow French bulldog jumpsuit and dress! To complete the outfit, you'll need the Cow French Bulldog Hat too!
  • made of pleasant and stretchable denim fabric
  • available in gray and cow patterns
  • adjustable size thanks to suspenders
  • you can choose between a male and a female version of the suit
  • adorable pick for turning your little batpig into a four-legged farmer
  • machine washable at 30 c
Why we love it?With the new Cow French bulldog jumpsuit, your little furry friend will become the cutest farmer on Earth! Choose between a cute denim suspender jumpsuit and dress with the cow print that will make your dog the center of attention. The dog suspender suit or dress can be perfectly matched with our Cow French Bulldog Hat to show off how trendy your pooch is.  Frenchies of all sizes can get in on the fashion craze! We've made suspender jumpsuits and dresses for both slim and fatty Frenchies, so they can hit the streets in style. Available in different sizes to fit your dog's needs, these bodysuits are available in plain gray and cow print! Choose your favorite one today!

Flower Tail French Bulldog Jumpsuit

Let your Frenchie enjoy superior comfort and coziness during sleep by wearing Flower Tail French Bulldog Jumpsuit by Frenchie World.
  • made of organic cotton
  • available in 2 colors
  • the 3d tail comes in a cute flower shape
  • the pink jumpsuit features a tulle skirt
  • machine washable
  • keeps a dog warm during sleep
  • keeps your house clean from your dog's shedding
  • mechanical protection against environmental allergens
Why we love it?Your dog gonna love to feel the superior organic cotton on his/her body. This French bulldog jumpsuit can serve different occasions such as feeling warm overnight, looking spotted and protected from allergens, and keeping your house clean. We all know that finding our dog's dead hair all around the house is one of the worst nightmares for dog owners. That's why this French bulldog jumpsuit will help you when nothing else can help. Size chart:

French Bulldog Fleece Costumes

Make your furry friend ready for 'that time of the year' when we all need an extra layer to stay warm, cozy, and snug.
  • available in different designs
  • made of thick and soft fleece fabric
  • a perfect pick for the holiday season or Halloween party
  •  it provides a blanket feel to a dog
  • easy to dress design
  • emblazoned with eye-catching details
Why we love it?It is the best time of year for all dog owners and their furry friends. Here at Frenchie World, we have a wide selection of costumes that will surely bring joy to your pooch's face. The latest addition this season is the French bulldog jumpsuit! Your pup can wear it on Halloween, Christmas, or other holiday parties -Be a glamorous reindeer, a nifty Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and even Cow, Shark, or Dinosaur. So what are you waiting for? Shop now and help your Frenchie stay warm and snug while looking gorgeous too!Size chart:

Knitted & Snuggly Bunny French Bulldog Jumpsuit

Let your dog experience a warm touch of the knitted jumpsuit on chilly and crispy days in our Knitted & Snuggly Bunny French Bulldog Jumpsuit.
  • made of knitted poly-cotton blend
  • available in two colors
  • it can be used as a costume on special occasions
  • perfect for taking family photos
  • machine washable in cold water
  • double-lined cuffs
  • high cut on the belly
  • 2 patterns (mouse and bunny)
  • inner layer made of soft and fuzzy fleece
 Why we love it?Besides your dog will look cute, you'll also be pleased with the quality of the fabric. This French bulldog jumpsuit represents an ideal choice for cold days when you want to save him/her from hypothermia. The inner layer is made of soft fleece, so it provides a 'blanket feeling' around your pet's body. You can choose between 2 colors and patterns, and the cut is made to suit the French bulldog breed. You can choose between a model with a hood with bunny ears or with a collar that is decorated with a cute mouse nose and mustaches. Size chart:

Waterproof French Bulldog Rain Jumpsuit

Waterproof French Bulldog Rain JumpsuitWhether you're headed out for a walk during a downpour or playing in the snow, your Frenchie will be totally prepared in this lightweight and waterproof dog jumpsuit.
  • made of lightweight nylon
  • provides a full-body coverage for your Frenchie
  •  comes with a hood
  • high cut on the belly makes your pup stay dry and clean
  • specially designed for breeds with short legs and stout bodies
  • hand washable
  • a practical pocket on the back to carry snacks or potty bags
  • transparent face mask that allows your dog to see normal while wearing a hood
Why we love it?The Waterproof French Bulldog Rain Jumpsuit is the perfect way to keep your furry friend dry and comfortable in bad weather. Made of lightweight nylon, this jumpsuit is both waterproof and windproof, so your dog can stay warm and dry no matter what conditions they're faced with. Plus, the specially designed cut makes it perfect for French Bulldogs - their front and hind legs will be fully protected while they jump through puddles! And, that's not all! When your pooch gets hungry, there's a secret pocket/ bag on the back to carry tasty snacks.