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French Bulldog Coin Purse Keychain

 With its adorable head design and brightly colored silicone outer lining, it's sure to be a conversation starter wherever you go - especially when other Frenchie owners ask where you got your new keychain coin purse!
  • made of durable and elastic silicone
  • available in multiple colors
  • zinc alloy keyring
  • a tiny purse to carry coins and paper money
  • size 6.8 cm x 6.80 cm
  • decorated with cute silicone French bulldog head
Why we love it?For French Bulldog owners, there is now an item designed just for them--a keychain version of their four-legged friend! The Frenchie Coin Purse Keychain can be attached to anything from backpacks and keys all the way down to your dog's leash in case you want company shopping or on walks. It comes in many colors so it will suit any style preference as well. If owning one isn't enough, multiple ones are available too. French Bulldog Coin Purse Keychain is made of durable and elastic silicone. Not only does this keychain has a cute shape that can hold your morning coffee money, but also has an attached Zinc alloy ring to attach anywhere you need.

Frenchie Schoolboy & Schoolgirl Keychains

Add style to your keys with these Frenchie Schoolboy & Schoolgirl Keychains! It's a cute way to remind yourself that your Frenchie is the only creature that screams with happiness when sees you at the front door.
  • made of silica gel
  • elastic and durable
  • keyring made of zinc alloy
  • male and female Frenchie versions
  • adorable gift for every Frenchie person
  • comes with a practical wrist rope
Why we ♥ it?Made of high-quality silica gel, this French bulldog keychain will be one of the cutest gifts to surprise your special person. Choose between male and female versions and keep your keys always safe. A flexible bracelet is designed to be worn around the wrist during exercise, errands, and more for quick easy access to keys. The keyring is made of zinc alloy, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your precious items.

Glam & Shine French Bulldog Keychain

 Make sure you're prepared for any occasion with this flashy-glamorous French bulldog keychain. With shiny zircons and numerous colors to choose from, you can't go wrong by stroking your obsession for canine companionship in all directions!
  • durable zinc alloy ring
  • great to use for carrying keys
  • it can be used as a decorative addition to your backpack, bag, or purse
  • available in many colors
  • carefully crafted 3D Frenchie figure
  • size: 13 x 5 cm
Why we love it?This French bulldog keychain will always be at your side and this way it will offer you all the love that you feel for your pet. You can use it to hang keys or as a decoration. Also, its eye-catching design will draw attention from every passerby. When buying this accessory everybody wins: not only do you get an adorable pet that will help you carry your keys, but also serve as a lovely decoration to your wallet, purse, and backpacks.

Glossy French Bulldog Keychain

No one will carry your keys or decorate your bag better than a round and glossy Frenchie keychain made of resin.
  • cute and trendy keychain inspired by French bulldogs
  • glossy keychain made of resin
  • durable zinc-alloy ring
  • comes with a small jingle that helps you find the keys in your bag easier
  • metal details available in golden color
  • easy to attach to your bag, wallet or to use it as a keychain
Why we love it?

You'll never be lost in the world again with your new Frenchie keychain! The perfect size to fit in your pocket or purse, this little guy will always be at your side, reminding you how special you are. Adopt him today and make him a part of your world. Choose between gorgeous glossy colors, and let the golden jingle help you easier find your keys in the bag or backpack.

Golden Frenchie Pom Pom Keychain

 With this keychain, you'll never be caught off guard! This faux fur keychain will please you with its playful dog head perched atop your keys; this is an adorable accessory for any occasion. With different colors to choose from, there's one that's perfect for every furbaby.
  • keychain decorated with luxurious furry pom pom
  • available in different colors
  • comes with a French bulldog golden plated head on the top
  • easy to hook on different items
  • perfect item for French bulldog parents
  • faux fur pom pom that is so silky and soft in touch (it looks like a natural fur)
  • animal cruelty free
Why we love it?This keychain gives you a fashionable furry friend to protect your keys with style.  It features a durable stainless steel hook that can be attached to backpacks, purses, wallets - pretty much anything. Whether it's just the safe way for you to keep your precious items safe, these little fur babies will make sure your stuff is always with you. These adorable dog-faced keychains may just be the perfect accessory for every French bulldog lover! Your keys will always look great dangling from this designer piece, and you'll never have to worry about losing them in your pocket or bag.