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Pressure Sores Covers For Frenchies

Protect or prevent pressure sores in your Frenchie by using a pleasant leg cover that will stop further injuries and excessive licking behavior.
  • available in 4 sizes
  • made of polyester and cotton blend
  • pleasant and stretchable
  • allows a dog to perform any type of activity
  • protects a dog's front legs from licking and further injuries
  • hand washable in cold water
  • easy to set
Why we love it?If you've ever worried about your French Bulldog developing painful pressure sores on their front legs, never fear! The French Bulldog Front Leg Cover is here to protect them! This easy-to-use cover closes with a plastic buckle and is made of a polyester/cotton blend for maximum comfort. Best of all, it comes in four sizes to ensure a perfect fit for any Frenchie. So give your furry friend the protection they deserve and pick up a French Bulldog Front Leg Cover today! Keep your Frenchie comfy on walks and prevent them from licking their sore legs!Size chart: