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Summer Mesh French Bulldog Sneakers

 Save your Frenchie's precious paws from incandescent asphalt and sand by covering them with our Summer Mesh French Bulldog Sneakers!
  • reflective stripes provide maximum safety during night walks
  • anti-slip sole
  • breathable mesh to make your pooch comfy
  • adjustable size
  • available in different colors and sizes
  • perfect for improving traction in older pooches
  • a safety gear when walking on hot asphalt and sand
Why we love it?From now on, your dog will stay fully protected when walking on sharp and hot terrains by wearing these adorable and high-quality dog sneakers. They are made of breathable mesh, which allows the paw pads to breathe. Since we all know that a dog's paw pads are the only spot where they can sweat, we have to keep those tiny body parts soothed and healthy. Blisters, cracks, and redness are only some of the reasons why does your dog need to wear sneakers. The Summer Mesh French Bulldog Sneakers are lightweight, feature a non-slipping sole, and are very elastic.