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French Bulldog Biscuit Mold

Whether you want to reward your Frenchie or yourself with tasty snacks, this biscuit mold will turn every bite into a piglet-shaped Frenchie.
  •  15 mold shapes to choose from
  • inspired by the love for French bulldogs
  • suitable for baking cookies, biscuits, and other snacks
  • avoid high temperatures
  • not suitable for oven usage
  • hand washable, made of plastic
  • 2 pcs set
Why we love it?Bring some moments of fun to your baking time with this cute and tasty French bulldog biscuit mold. You can use it to prepare healthy snacks for your little gremlin and enjoy making homemade cookies with your kids. This will become your favorite kitchen equipment especially if you're a proud owner of these cuddly batpigs. The molds are made of plastic and the set consists of a molded lid and a cutter. Your biscuits can be shaped as Frenchies or even display one of cute batpig's faces.

French Bulldog Silicone Mold

 Discover your hidden skills and become a chocolate, candle, or soap maker with this cute and easy-to-use French bulldog silicone mold.
  • silicone mold that is suitable for making candles, soaps, statues, and chocolate figures in the shape of a Frenchie
  • a unique way to surprise your special person
  • choose between geometric and realistic Frenchie molds
  • easy cleaning, unbreakable, resistant to heat
  • temperature Range: -40 ~ +230 ℃
Why we love it?We bet you haven't seen a mold in the shape of a Frenchie so far. This original and unique gift will help every Frenchie owner to enjoy the time of making unique cookies, chocolate, soaps, and candles. With this silicone mold, you'll be able to decorate your living place with tiny and scented Frenchies. You can even create resin figures in it because the silicone is durable, elastic, and non-sticky.Use And Care: Fill the dish wash sink with a solution of Dish Detergent and hot water(110-120°F/43-49°C); Place Mold flat into the dish wash sink. Wipe Mold with a sponge. Shake vigorously once or twice to remove excess water; Let Mold air dry. Silicone mold must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized before use.