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Bubble French Bulldog Summer T-Shirts

Feel the real comfort and coziness this summer season and refresh your collection of tees by adding one of our Bubble French Bulldog Summer T-Shirts.
  • Made of poly-cotton blend
  • Breathable and lightweight fabric
  • Inspired by the love for French bulldogs
  • Round neck style
  • High-quality prints that don’t crack
  • Stretchable fabric
  • Perfect gift idea for Frenchie owners
Why we love it?Remember, the best t-shirt is ultimately whatever feels right for you…and we think this would be the right pick for every French bulldog owner. Made with the love for Frenchies in mind, these tees would be perfect pieces to make a capsule summer outfits. You’ll enjoy the breathability, comfort, and coziness they provide. And that’s not all. Each tee features a high-quality print that won’t crack even after many, many washes. Keep the things practical, and match them with your favorite jeans, shorts, and skirts. Show everyone that you’re a proud Frenchie mama that enjoys her role to the fullest.

Cartoon Frenchie Women’s T-Shirt

When in doubt about what to wear, choose a piece of clothing inspired by the cutest dogs in the world!
  • available in many patterns
  • regular cut
  • made of poly-cotton blend
  • machine washable
  • high-quality prints
  • ideal for casual and sporty wear
  • non-toxic paints
Why we love it?You'll adore wearing the Cartoon Frenchie Women T-shirt because it is pleasant in touch, easy to match, and emblazoned with cute prints. Whether you want to wear these women's tees with jeans, skirts, leggings, or shorts, you'll always have a cool detail that will make you look unique and spotted. Choose your favorite print and show everyone that you're a Frenchie lover and admirer! Since these tees come in white color, we are sure that you'll enjoy matching them with different clothes.Size chart:

Dino & Flamingo French Bulldog Summer Vest Shirt

Bring positive and summer vibes into your dog's closet and choose a lightweight and protective Dino & Flamingo French Bulldog Summer Vest Shirt for your little gremlin!
  • ideal to use as mechanical protection of the sun
  • your dog can wear it wet to provide him/her with a cooling effect
  • made of cotton
  • padded edges to prevent irritations
  • available in 2 patterns
  • machine washable
Why we love it?We adore Dino & Flamingo French Bulldog Summer Vest Shirt because it's lightweight and breathable. Besides, it provides protection from the sun, and it can be especially beneficial for pooches who show allergic reactions when being exposed to direct sunlight. If you want to cool down your pet, you can soak this vest in the water, twist it, wear it wet.Size chart:

Floral Beach French Bulldog Shirt

Nothing can beat a trendy summer shirt especially if it’s worn by a Frenchie! Keep your dog always ready for summer adventures with our Floral Beach French Bulldog Shirt!
  • Made of poly-cotton blend
  • Available in two patterns
  • Button closure for easy dressing on
  • Perfect for showing around at the beach
  • Ideal to wear on pool parties and special occasions
  • A lightweight piece of clothes to keep your dog safe from UV rays
  • Machine washable in cold water
Why we love it? We adore this trendy summer shirt not only because of the attractive pattern but also because of the lightweight material. Your dog will catch everyone’s eye and look adorable in this stylish piece of clothing. It can be very practical for pooches who suffer from seasonal allergies because the shirt will keep the pollen away from the dog’s skin. Besides, it can protect your pooch from ticks, mosquitoes, and other summer dangers that can disturb your time spent outside. Size chart: S 20cm/7.87" 32cm/12.6" 23cm/9.06" M 25cm/9.84" 37cm/14.57" 26cm/10.24" L 30cm/11.81" 42cm/16.54" 29cm/7.48" XL 35cm/13.78" 47cm/18.5" 32cm/12.6" XXL 40cm/15.72" 52cm/20.47" 35cm/13.78"

French Bulldog Love Women’s T-shirts

Nothing can beat a trendy t-shirt on a hot summer day! Love For Frenchies Women's T-shirts are one of those must-have items that will make you look gorgeous on every occasion!
  • available in over 10 patterns
  • machine washable
  • breathable, soft, and cozy
  • ideal for the summer wear
  • poly-cotton blend
  • round and elastic neckline
Why we love it?We bet every Frenchie mom would agree with us that wearing a tee inspired by these amazing batpigs can brighten up our days. This amazing collection of French bulldog t-shirts will provide you with cool and trendy ideas on how to look great on every occasion. Whether you're planning to go on a relaxing walk through the neighborhood or on a casual business meeting, these tees will make you feel confident, stylish, and cool.

Loves Frenchies T-Shirts


Spice up your summer outfit with tees that show everyone that you're a proud Frenchie mom or dad.
  • polyester-cotton blend
  • available in male and female versions
  • great for combining with casual clothing
  • machine washable at 30 C
  • adorable gift idea for Frenchie's parents
  • high-quality printing

Why we ♥ it?

Everyone deserves to have a comfy and stylish summer t-shirt in his/her closet.If you're a parent of a Frenchie, then we're sure you'll get thrilled with the adorable print on the front. It won't crack or fade even after many washes because our manufacturer uses high-quality non-toxic colors. The tee represents a cute gift for French bulldog parents, and it's easy to combine it with other summer clothing such as shorts, skirts and jeans. It is available both in male and female versions, so you can proudly go on the stroll through the neighborhood.Size chart:

Milk French Bulldog T-shirt

This cute and cozy French Bulldog T-shirt is an ideal pick for sunny spring and summer days when you want your pet to stay protected from environmental allergens and hot sun.
  • available in 2 colors
  • made of 100 % cotton
  • elastic band hem on the dog's belly
  • an ideal pick for the summer  and spring seasons
  • breathable and stretchable fabric
  • UV and allergen protection
  • emblazoned with the 3D caption
Why we love it?Not only the fabric but also the cute design are something that you and your pet will love the most. We especially adore the pleasant and stretchable fabric that won't restrict any of your dog's activities. You can choose between 2 colors, and your Frenchie will be ready for every summer adventure. The elastic band on the dog's belly is especially important to consider because it prevents potty messes. Your pet will definitely enjoy wearing this French bulldog shirt and will be ready to take in the scene.Size chart:

Summer Fun French Bulldog T-Shirt

 Looking for something fun to wear this summer? Check out our sweet Summer Fun French Bulldog T-Shirts! Made from a cotton blend, these shirts are perfect for keeping your pup safe from seasonal pollen, mites and insect bites. Plus, they're just too cute not to love!
  • size: XS=Back length 18cm, bust 26cm, weight 1KG S=Back length 25cm, chest circumference 35cm, weight 1.5-2KG M = back length 30 cm, bust 40 cm, weight 2.5-3.5KG L=Back length 35cm, bust 45cm, weight 4-5KG XL = back length 40 cm, bust 50 cm, weight 5.5-8KG
  • made of cotton blend
  • available in 4 patterns
  • machine washable
  • perfect for summer wear
  • the elastic and stretchable t-shirt that allows a dog to free move, run, and jump
Why we love it?What could be more fun than a summer spent with your adorable French Bulldog? How about sporting one of these cute t-shirts while you're at it! Made from a cotton blend, these shirts are perfect for keeping your pup cool and safe from pesky seasonal bugs. With designs featuring juicy fruits, veggies, and bears, your Frenchie will be the envy of all his friends (and enemies). So grab a shirt today and let the good times roll!

Watercolors French Bulldog Women’s T-shirts

Get a fresh, unique, and adorable look with these Watercolors French Bulldog Women's T-shirts designed to celebrate the love for these little gremlins!
  • non-toxic water-based colors
  • available in many patterns and sizes
  • regular cut that suits different body types
  • machine washable
  • stretchable, breathable, and soft fabric
  • round neckline, double sewn
Why we love it?Look always spotted, trendy and adorable, and show everyone that your dog is one of the most important beings in your life. These cool women's tees feature water-based colors that won't fade even after a hundred washes. They are easy to match both with sports and casual styles, and can be worn on different occasions! Since t-shirts inspired by our dogs are must-have items in our wardrobes, we are sure you'll adore celebrating the love for these amazing batpigs.Size chart: