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Flannel French Bulldog Bathing Towel

Flannel French Bulldog Bathing TowelChoose your favorite animal character and make your Frenchie's fur dry after baths by wrapping him/her into the Flannel French Bulldog Bathing Towel.
  • made of high-absorbing flannel
  • comes with a 3D hood that features different animal characters
  • the practical solution for making your dog's coat dry
  • machine washable
Why we love it?There's nothing cuter than wrapping your Frenchie into a soft and warm towel after baths. To make your dog's coat dry and prevent him/her from catching a cold, it's highly important to absorb all the water from your dog's skin after baths. This adorable towel for Frenchies comes with different 3D animal hoods, so we are sure it will be an additional reason to include it in your dog's wardrobe.Size chart: