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“Cheap & Chic” Ultra soft durable bed

"Cheap & Chic" Ultra soft durable bedWhy We Love It:Fit for pet royalty, this quilted dog bed is simply stunning. The luxurious design features a warm, dark chocolate brown colored quilted fabric, raised sides for extra comfort, and a soft and cozy white fleece lining. Perfectly blending modern design with function, this bed is made from Polyester and can be cleaned in the washing machine. Both pet owners and their pups will surely appreciate the chic style and comfort of this bed.

18K Gold Plated French Bulldog Pendant with Necklace


18K Gold Plated French Bulldog Pendant with Necklace

French Bulldog lovers, rejoice! This 18K Gold Plated French Bulldog Pendant with Necklace is showing off his affectionate nature with a cute designed pendant.This 18K Gold Plated French Bulldog Pendant with Necklace is equal parts classy and charming, and lets you wear your devotion to favorite pet proudly each day.You can use it with a casual or formal outfit, it will never go wrong. This set will add a luxurious flair to your jewelry collection. Buy this necklace as a gift to yourself or for your Frenchie lover friend.
  • 100% Handmade High Quality Guaranteed
  • Pendant Size 26mm x 15mm
  • Gold Plated
  • Necklace Chain length approx. 20 inches ( About 50cm )

Chest Support French Bulldog Harness

Chest Support French Bulldog Harness Keep your dog safe, relaxed and comfortable when going on walks by choosing the Chest Support French Bulldog Harness that relocated the pressure from his/her neck.
  • available in different colors
  • Double D-rings on the dog's back
  • chest support for heavy pullers
  • relocates the pressure to the dog's chest instead to the neck
  • made on nylon and mesh
  • hand washable
  • adjustable strap on the back
Why we love it?Choosing the right French bulldog harness is one of the most important tasks for every dog owner.  A quality dog harness should allow your dog to move freely, walk safely, and feel relaxed. The Chest Support French Bulldog Harness can be used on dogs of all ages, and it's specially created to relocate the pressure of pulling to the chest. Therefore, your furry friend won't have trouble with breathing, even if he/she pulls on the leash. Two D-rings on the dog's back provide better control and support, while the fabric is breathable and a bit spongy, so your little gremlin won't develop skin irritations, cuts, and blisters.Size:S: Chest 40.5-45.5cm / 16~18 inchesM: Chest 45.5-50.5cm / 18~20 inchesL : Chest 50.5-56cm / 20~22 inchesXL: Chest 56-61cm / 22~24 inches

3D French Bulldog Chain Phone Case

3D French Bulldog Chain Phone Case Let your phone stay safe from dirt, cracks, and liquids with a style! With two colors of Frenchies to choose from and a stylish chain holder, this phone case will bring a dose of charm to your precious gear!
  • made of elastic silicone
  • decorated with a massive but lightweight black chain bracelet
  • the case carries a Frenchie figure in black or pink colors
  • an ideal pick for a gift
  • scratch-resistant
  • easy to clean silicone
Why we love it?Introducing the new 3D French Bulldog Chain Phone Case! This stylish phone case is made of silicone and decorated with a cute, 3D chain bracelet that carries a French bulldog figure. Not only does this case look great, but it's also practical - it will protect your phone from dirt, dust, and cracks. Plus, you can choose between pink or black Frenchie silicone figures. So don't wait any longer - get yourself a Frenchie-inspired item that will show everyone how much you love your pup!

3D French Bulldog Leather Phone Case


3D French Bulldog Leather Phone Case

 3D French Bulldog Leather Phone Case reinvents classic black with a modern design that combines the cuteness and elegance for all Frenchie owners.
  • the case is made of durable silicone and 60% recycled materials
  • the upper part is covered by vegan leather
  • decorated with 3D Frenchie
  • perfect gift for all French bulldog owners
  • made of ethical and animal-free materials
Why we  ♥ it?Created with plenty of love for these little gremlins, this phone case will become your main fashion detail wherever you go. The 3D Frenchie in the center of the phone case adds a touch of cuteness, ready to elevate any occasion. Whether you want to surprise your fav person or renew and protect your own phone, this case will surely live up to your expectations.

Juicy Fruits French Bulldog Harness, Collar, and Leash Set

Juicy Fruits French Bulldog Harness, Collar, and Leash Set Turn your little four-legged princess into a fresh watermelon, juicy pineapple, or sour cherry by using this adorable Juicy Fruits French Bulldog Harness, Collar, and Leash Set!
  • perfect for the summer wear
  • padded edges to prevent skin cuts and blisters
  • ideal for untrained dogs who pull a lot
  • hand washable in cold water
  • x-shaped harness
  • made of soft canvas
  • engraved collar buckle with a dog's name and an owner's phone number
  • emblazoned with summer, juicy fruits
  • the set consists of a collar, harness, and leash set
  • reflective sewing
Why we love it?Your dog will get a complete feeling of safety when going on walks thanks to the Juicy Fruits French Bulldog Harness, Collar, and Leash Set. The canvas fabric is embellished with printed summer fruits, which represent a trendy summer pick. The collar is decorated with a 3D flower and can be used to hook up a leash or just to carry an ID tag. If your Frenchie is still untrained, then this harness will help you easier perform leash training lessons. The fabric is soft, breathable, and padded with mesh, so your dog will definitely feel pleasant to wear it during warmer months. Size chart:

Amazonian Vibes Padded French Bulldog Harness

Amazonian Vibes Padded French Bulldog HarnessBring tropical vibes to your Frenchie's summer collection and choose a padded harness with fewer straps and made of lighter fabric.
  • emblazoned with tropical leaves
  • fresh summer patterns
  • ideal for the summer season
  • it features fewer straps
  • perfect for nervous dogs who don't love extra straps
  • adjustable points
  • metal D-ring on a dog's back
Why we love it?Your Frenchie will enjoy wearing this French bulldog harness because unlike other dog harnesses, it features one strap that goes across the dog's chest. Therefore, it can be the right choice for nervous dogs who don't like the feeling that harnesses provide. You can choose between 4 gorgeous patterns that are fresh, colorful and inspired by summer vibes. The straps are adjustable and also feature reflective adding to improve your Frenchie's visibility in the evening.Size chart:

Cow French Bulldog Hoodie

Cow French Bulldog Hoodie
Make some Moo-Moo moves and get your Frenchie ready for any kind of occasion in this Cow French Bulldog Hoodie.
  • Decorated with cow horns and udders on the dog’s belly
  • Perfect for costume parties and Halloween
  • Made of soft and stretchable cotton blend
  • Neck friendly
  • It can be worn in the spring and fall seasons
Why we love it?Is there anything cuter than seeing your Frenchie dressed in a cow’s costume at the Halloween party? Well, from now on, your little pooch will stay both warm and attractive wherever you two appear. Made of stretchable cotton blend, and carefully tailored for a Frenchie’s body proportions, this hoodie will become your favorite pick for different occasions. Besides, it is easy to dress and the hood is big enough to properly fit around the Frenchie’s head. When the cold weather hits, your pooch will be grateful to wear a warm layer to stay comfortable in cold weather.Size chart:

Angel Wing French Bulldog Collar

Let your Frenchie always look special and stylish when going to strolls by putting him/her this adorable Angel Wing French Bulldog Collar around his/her neck.
  • Adjustable collar
  • Made of soft but durable nylon webbing
  • Ideal for special occasions
  • Available in many colors
  • The wings are made of soft fabric
  • Plastic buckle
Why We Love It?Are you a kind of dog owner that always wants your dog to look spotted and stylish? Well,  thanks to this Wing French Bulldog collar you can turn your pup into a cute four-legged angel. This French Bulldog collar can be worn on special occasions and can serve as a lovely accessory. Besides, you can use it to hook up the dog’s ID tag or to add a cute addition to the outfit for someone’s birthday party. The wings are soft but durable, while the collar is adjustable so you can set the appropriate size.Size info:Length: 27cm / 10.62 " Width: 1cm / 0.39" Neck: 16-27cm / 6.29-10.62 "

Animal Print French Bulldog Sweatshirt


Animal Print French Bulldog Sweatshirt

Show the wild side of your four-legged beast by dressing it into our fleece warm animal print sweatshirt!
  • made of fleece
  • soft, comfortable, and elastic
  • the perfect layer for breezy winter days
  • hand washable
  • elastic hem and cuffs
Why we love it?Who will wear it better than a Frenchie? In this animal print dog sweatshirt, your dog will show off and set new fashion rules in town. The sweatshirt is made of fleece that will make your pet feel like it's wrapped in a blanket. Even though it's lightweight, the sweatshirt gives your furry friend the ultimate warmth and comfort on those breezy-wheezy winter days. Let your dog look like a million-dollar baby and show the wild side of its personality in this wardrobe piece.

Arctic Velvet French Bulldog Sweater

Make sure your Frenchie always looks stylish and feels warm by wearing our Arctic Velvet French Bulldog Sweater.
  • Made of acrylic wool
  • Hand washable
  • Decorated with detachable 3d Teddy Bear plush toy
  • Available in gorgeous baby blue color
  • Unisex design
  • Button closure to ease the dressing
Why we love it?This soft and extremely warm Arctic Velvet French Bulldog Sweater is perfect to be worn on chilly fall and winter days. It is stretchable and the knitted design is inspired by the human’s casual wear. Besides, this French Bulldog sweater comes with a 3d Teddy Bear plush toy on the back that can be removed as needed.  Therefore, your little gremlin can use it during play. The low neckline serves to allow your dog to breathe freely and a high cut on the back to escape messes when going to the toilet.Size chart:

Basic Skate French Bulldog Hoodie

A basic dog hoodie is worth a fortune! Whether it's going on a stroll or enjoying a lazy weekend, the Basic Skate French Bulldog Hoodie will always be there to support your dog's style and needs.
  • made of pure cotton
  • the hood features a cotton rope drawstring
  • perfect for chilly days and nights
  • inner layer features a soft surface
  • machine washable
  • ribbed hem and cuffs
Why we love it?Let the one who doesn't have a basic hoodie stand up! Since we are sure all of us have a hoodie like this, it would be a shame to deprive your Frenchie of such a piece of clothing. Whether it's a relaxing walk, chilling beside the owner, or napping, this French bulldog hoodie will respond to any type of activity. We like the soft and cozy fabric and clean design that never goes out of style!Size chart: