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Cooling Gel French Bulldog Mat

  Help your dog get the ultimate cooling effect after summer walks by having a rest on our Cooling Gel French Bulldog Mat!
  • comes with a bag of gel balls
  • the mat should be filled with water
  • made of high-quality stain-resistant and water-resistant fabric
  • available in 2 colors and 3 sizes
  • cleaning with a wet cloth
  • it should be placed in the coolest place in the house
  • use it in the car, outdoors, inside the house, or in the crate
Why we love it?Your dog will adore chilling and resting on this cooling mat filled with gel. Besides a foldable mat, you'll get a bag of gel balls which you need to pour inside the mat. The gel balls will grow in contact with the water you need to pour inside the mat as well. Wait for about 2 hours, and the mat will transform into a soft and cozy spot where your pet will enjoy sleeping.  Place the sleeping mat in the coolest place in the house to provide the best cooling effect to your Frenchie. Since these little gremlins can quickly overheat in the summer, allowing them to rest on cooling mats can save their lives.

Cozy & Breathable French Bulldog Sleeping Mat

Our light, soft, yet durable dog mat sets up in seconds and will provide hours of comfort for small furry ones to snuggle down in.
  • pp cotton filling
  • hand washable only
  • available in different patterns
  • outer layer made of cozy and breathable fabric
  • easy to clean
  • features a soft roller cushion for a dog's head
  • practical solution when traveling and chilling on the couch
Why do we love it?It doesn't get any cozier than this, especially for your fluffy French bulldog! The Cozy & Breathable French Bulldog Sleeping Mat is just what your dog needs to stay nice and warm when those winter evenings start rolling in. It's perfect for snuggle-up time or movie night on the sofa with your batpig. This mat has a soft, thick cushion that was designed to keep your dog's head supported while he's sleeping to remain comfortable even if he changes the sleeping position during slumber or if shifting from side to side. It also protects sensitive skin from scratches and re-adjusts its shape as needed throughout the duration of the nap. These mats are super lightweight too, which makes them easy to pack away when guests come over.

French Bulldog Swing Bed

Give your dog the ultimate comfort throughout the year by providing him/her with a cozy and safe place for rest.
  • Material: Cotton + Polyester
  • Suitable for dogs under 15 kg
  • Ensured with a dog harness
  • Cozy place for small puppies
  • 4 adjustable levels
  • It can work as a cooling bed during the summer
  • Size: 78x39x42cm(30.7"x15.35"x16.53")
  • Made of durable and breathable mesh
  • Different angles can meet the needs of sleeping, feeding, entertainment, and storage
Why we love it?This amazing French Bulldog Swing Bed will become your pet's favorite place for sleeping, chilling, and having a rest. You can choose between 4 adjustable levels and thanks to a transparent and breathable fabric, your pooch will get a cooling effect on warm days. The bed is suitable for pooches under 15 kg, and it's ensured with a safety harness to prevent your pup from falling. Thanks to a foldable design, the bed takes up little space and the mesh fabric allows you easy cleaning with a wet cloth and detergent.

Frenchie Pillow Cooling Mat

Ideal for summer naps, this Frenchie Pillow Cooling Mat will make your little gremlin feel relaxed and cool after perky neighborhood strolls.
  • made from ice silk
  • place it out of direct sunlight
  • non-slipping bottom
  • the elevated edge that serves as a pillow
  • hand-washable
  • available in different sizes and colors
  • soft and comfortable for everyday use
 Why we ♥ it?Your dog gonna love chilling on this summer cooling mat because it's soft like a cloud. The ice silk fabric provides a cooling effect, while the pillow is perfect to place the head during naps. There is also a non-slipping bottom, so your little batpig won't slide away in case of jumping. You can place it wherever you want, even on tiles, carpet, or your bed. We recommend you choose the coolest place in the house to provide your pooch with the best cooling effect.

Ice-Silk French Bulldog Summer Bed

Ice-Silk French Bulldog Summer BedMake your furry friend ready for endless summer days by providing him/her with a cooling bed that will be the best prevention of heat stroke.
  • non-slip bottom to prevent accidents
  • made of ice-silk fabric that provides a cooling effect
  • helps a dog to reduce body temperature
  • available in different shapes and sizes
  • easy to clean with the wet cloth
  • oxford fabric walls with soft lining protect your pet's head and neck when they sleep
Why we love it?Since we all know how important is to keep our Frenchies safe in the summer, providing them with cooling beds will be a life-saving decision. This French bulldog bed is ensured with ice-silk fabric that helps in reducing body temperature. The bed also features a non-slip bottom to prevent accidents when your dog jumps in. Since it's stain and wear-resistant, your furry friend will always have a clean and comfortable spot to nap and chill.Size chart:

Icy French Bulldog Cooling Mat

Provide your dog with immediate heat relief on a hot summer day by placing him/her on this Icy French Bulldog Cooling Mat!
  • outer and bottom layers made of waterproof nylon
  • filled with cooling gel inside
  • It should be placed in the fridge for better cooling effect
  • immediately decreases the dog's body temperature
  • prevents a dog from heatstroke
  • available in different sizes and colors
  • it should be placed in the coolest place in the house, out of direct sunlight
Why we love it?Make sure your furry friend always have a safe place for chilling on hot summer days by placing him/her on this Icy French Bulldog Cooling Mat. It features a cooling gel inside which is completely safe and harmless, so your little gremlin will get immediate heat relief. The mat takes up little space, so you can even carry it when traveling with your pooch. Choose between different sizes and designs, and make sure this summer essential follows you wherever you go with your Frenchie.