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Dragon French Bulldog Swimming Vest

 Looking for the safest and the best way to make your Frenchie swim like a swan? Dragon French Bulldog Swimming Vest will definitely become your pet's life-saver whenever he/she enjoys water adventures.
  • ensured with high-quality floating panels
  • high buoyancy
  • emblazoned with dragon wings
  • reflective stripes that improve visibility
  • adjustable velcro closure
  • integrated D-ring on the dog's back
Why we love it?Whether your pooch wants to swim in shallow or deep waters, leaving him/her unprotected can end fatally. Since these little batpigs sink like rocks, we have to provide them with safety swimming gear during the summer season. This French bulldog life jacket features high-buoyancy floating panels, adjustable straps, and velcro closure. It also comes with cute dragon wings that provide extra visibility thanks to reflective stripes that will keep your pet visible to other swimmers.Your furry friend has the right to enjoy summer adventures too, so why deprive him/her of such a feeling? Swimming will not only help your Frenchie to cool off, but will also show him/her that he/she takes an important place in your life!

Reflective Shark French Bulldog Life Vest

  Beware of dangerous four-legged shark that is ready to catch everyone's eye and show brilliant swimming skills this summer season!
  •  padded with high-quality floating panels
  • emblazoned with reflective shark fin on the back
  • safety handle on the back
  • adjustable straps around neck and belly
  • available in 2 colors
  • wide neckline
Why we love it?You'll adore this French bulldog life jacket not only because of the design but also because of safety details. The shark fin is reflective to make your pooch safe in the water, while a safety handle on the back can be especially handy in dangerous and unplanned situations. You can adjust the size according to your furry friend's body and the high-buoyancy panels will keep him/her on the top of the water. Since these little gremlins quickly get tired in the water, buying them life swimming vests if of great importance. That's how your dog will feel not only safe but also relaxed and comfortable while swimming.