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French Bulldog Squeaky Prey Toy

  Satisfy your dog's hunting needs and enjoy playing fetch with this cute and squeaky rabbit plush toy!
  • made of durable plush
  • releases squeaky sound
  • machine washable
  • ideal toy for ratters dogs
  • great for playing fetch
Why we love it?Dogs never get old and can never get enough of toys. Dog toys make their days and fulfill their time of loneliness. If your Frenchie loves to chase around and bring you preys as a trophy, then he's definitely gonna love to play with this French Bulldog Squeaky Prey Toy. Since Frenchies belong to ratter dogs, they enjoy exploring their environment and chase mice, rabbits, and squirrels. This French bulldog toy is made of durable plush and releases a squeaky sound as your dog chews it.

French Bulldog Training Blanket/Mat

 When you're out of toys and ideas to make your dog entertained, French Bulldog Training Blanket/Mat will become your furry friend's best ally when spending time alone.
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Grey, Blue
  • Size: 12x146cm
  • You can reshape the blanket as you want
  • Transforms into different sniffing mats
  • You just need to fill the blanket with treats and the game can begin!
Why we love it?Both you and your dog will enjoy using this amazing French bulldog training blanket because it can serve multiple purposes. Made of durable and bite-resistant polyester fabric, this Frenchie blanket can be reshaped into different sniffing mats, so your pet will stay entertained for a long time. It represents the perfect choice for anxious pups who don't love to spend time alone. To use this Frenchie training blanket, you just need to form it into a certain shape and fill it with treats. The smell of food will attract your dog's sense of smell, so he will start exploring the mat to find tasty rewards.

Happy Frenchie Plush Pillow Toy

Happy Frenchie Plush Pillow ToyWhat's a better way to show your love of that sweet puppy in your life than with this fluffy French Bulldog pillow plush toy? Available in three sizes, you can find the perfect size for you and all of your friends!
  • made of soft and high-quality plush
  • available in three sizes
  • filled with pp cotton
  • adorable gift for Frenchie owners and kids who adore Frenchies
  • hand washable
  • a cute Frenchie figure with protruding eyes
Why we love it?Get the cuteness wrapped up in this fluffy bear-sized French bulldog plush toy! Made of quality, soft plush, and available in three sizes, it’s perfect for kids who love their pets so much they want to hug them all day long. Ready to go on a walk, play fetch with you, and snuggle up in bed? Your new best friend is ready for cuddles! The perfect treat for anyone who adores this breed of fluffy pooch. Great to soothe distressed children or delight dog lovers alike!