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Big Heart French Bulldog Shirt

Show everyone how big your Frenchie's heart is by dressing him/her into our Big Heart French Bulldog Shirt.
  • made of organic cotton
  • perfect for spring and summer strolls
  • available in 4 colors and many sizes
  • breathable and elastic
  • emblazoned with cute printing
  • double-lined edges
  • hand washable
Why we love it?Frenchies might be small in size, but their hearts are huge as the Universe. That's why we think these dogs deserve to get ready for summer strolls by wearing this adorable French bulldog shirt. With this cute print on the back, your pooch will become noticed wherever goes. Besides, the cotton fabric can serve as a protection against allergens during seasonal allergies. Since it's breathable and elastic, your pet will be able to perform all types of daily activities. Whether it's going on a stroll through the neighborhood or a special occasion, your Frenchie will surely take the spotlight on every corner.Size chart:

Camo French Bulldog Harness Vest

Camo French Bulldog Harness VestWhen your Frenchie's outfit seems stressed or depressed, let him wear this sporty and padded vest to stay warm and safe!
  • padded with thick pp cotton
  • made of waterproof fabric
  • zipper closure on the front
  • comes with an integrated French bulldog harness
  • ideal for the winter wear
  • reflective parts on straps improve visibility
  • available in 2 colors
  • ensured with 2 D-rings on the back
Why we love it?Looking for a stylish and safe way to take your furry friend for a winter walk? Padded with thick pp cotton, this Frenchie vest will keep your pup comfortable on even the coldest days. The thick pp cotton padding provides support and comfort, while the camouflage designs add a bit of fun. The nylon webbing vest is sewn to the harness, and the straps are adjustable for a perfect fit. Plus, the reflective sewing ensures that you and your pup will be safe during evening strolls. The front zipper closure makes dressing easy, and the double D rings provide extra safety.

Black N’ Stylish French Bulldog Vest

Black N' Stylish French Bulldog VestWant to make your dog ready for buzzing town adventures?  Black N' Stylish French Bulldog Vest will make your Frenchie stay warm and look sharp on every occasion!
  • removable hood
  • comes in elegant black color
  • padded with warm pp cotton
  • a practical way to keep a dog safe in inclement weather
  • high cut to prevent potty messes
  • machine washable
Why we love it?Perfect for chilly days, this vest is made of polyester and filled with pp cotton to keep your Frenchie comfortable. With a removable hood, this vest is perfect for sporting events, walks in the park, or just lounging around the house. You can even match it with our French bulldog hoodies when your dog needs extra warmth. Since it comes in elegant black color, it's easy to combine with different outfits. The button closure makes the dressing easy and prevents hair twitching.

Color Block French Bulldog Vest

  Treat your fur baby to the most stylish of winter gear! A dog vest is a perfect way to keep your French Bulldog cozy and safe during cold weather.
  • filled with pp cotton
  • lightweight and warm pick for the winter season
  • button closure for easy dressing
  • comes with a hood with adjustable drawstrings
  • color block combination of three colors
  • machine washable
  • takes up little space/ can fit into your pocket
Why we love it?Dogs in colder climates need protection from the cold, and our French bulldog vest has serious heat! It's made with a lightweight material that packs away easily. It can be worn alone or over a hoodie or sweater. The three-block color combination of blue, red, and white will add an adorable pop of color to any outfit. The vest is lightweight, filled with pp cotton, and can be packed into your pocket. It's specially created for Frenchies and their large chests and has a hood with adjustable drawstrings and button closure.

French Bulldog Padded Vest


French Bulldog Padded Vest

This Frenchie vest will keep your pet's spirit high on your next winter stroll. Besides thermal protection, your little gremlin will stay dry even in the harshest conditions.
  •  PU Coated shell keeps you dry and warm even in the harshest conditions
  • Fully wadded throughout
  • Zip closure
  • Machine washable
  • D-ring on the back
  • Available in many colors and sizes
  • Lightweight and made from a recycled material
Why we love it?If you're looking for a lightweight but warm dog vest, then look more! This piece of wardrobe is everything your dog needs on a breezy winter day. Thanks to a padded design and special water-repellant fabric, your furry friend will stay dry even in wet weather conditions. This water and stain-resistant finish is applied to the outer fabric of the vest so that water pearls up and runs right off. Choose between many colors and sizes, attach the leash to the dog's back, and the walk can start.

Heat Resistant French Bulldog Vest

 Thanks to our Heat Resistant French Bulldog Vest, your Frenchie will know how to beat the heat this summer season! Lightweight and breathable, this cold armor will help your furry friend stay cool and safe on every pawdventure.
  • Color: Blue/Green/Pink/Orange
  • Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL
  • Made of breathable and spongy mesh to improve skin breathing
  • Adjustable belts on both sides
  • perfect to wear when spending a prolonged time outside
  • sprinkle the vest with cold water while your dog wears it
  • ensured with double D-rings
Why we love it?Whether it's a daily stroll by the sea or your local dog park, your little gremlin can go through a real-life struggle if you leave him/her unprepared for high temperatures. This Heat Resistant French bulldog vest features a special cooling fabric that helps your dog stay cool all day long. The vest should be worn wet to get the best results. The mesh will constantly provide your pooch with breathability and a cooling effect, while the spongy-look-alike shell serves to keep the vest cold for a long time. This cooling item should become no. 1 in every French bulldog's closet.

Holographic French Bulldog Vest Harness

 Your dog will be the star of the show in this amazing holographic French bulldog vest harness! Your Frenchie deserves to paw in style through the cold weather and look stylish and chic in every dog park out there!
  • available in three holographic colors
  • convenient to use when going on strolls
  • zipper closure is put on the back
  • slightly elevated turtle neck
  • ensured with double D-rings
  • padded with pp cotton and lined with fleece
  • perfect for crispy winter days
  • high cut on the belly
Why we love it?Does your dog love to stay in the center of attention wherever he goes? If yes, then he needs this holographic French bulldog vest harness! The vibrant colors and fun design will make your pup stand out in any crowd, while the waterproof and padded construction keeps dogs comfortable on all their adventures. Plus, there's no need to use a separate dog harness with this one - it has everything they need built right in! 

Mesh Cooling French Bulldog Vest

Keep your Frenchie safe from heatstroke while exploring the great outdoors in the summer by dressing him into this Mesh Cooling French bulldog Vest.
  • Three-layered cooling vest
  • The middle layer serves as a water storage
  • The inner layer transmits the cooling effect to the skin
  • the outer layer blocks the heat
  • available in 2 colors
  • adjustable design
  • easy to dress
  • when the vest becomes warm, you just need to shake it a few times
Why we love it?If both you and your Frenchie love summer adventures, then this cooling vest will be a life-savior solution. It’s made of 3 layers that are heat-resistant and feature special water storage in the middle. To keep your dog safe in the sun, you should soak the vest in cold water, twist it and shake it a few times. Dress your Frenchie into the vest and as it gets warm, you can shake it a few times again. A special heatproof fabric gradually cools the dog down as he walks in hot weather. Another beneficial effect this vest provides is UV protection. French bulldogs are known to have sensitive skin that can become red and itchy if has been exposed to direct sunlight.This Mesh Cooling French bulldog Vest will also work as a pleasant warm layer in the autumn and winter seasons if it’s worn dry. Three layers make a solid windproof barrier, so your Frenchie can wear it throughout the year.Size Chart:

Pastel & Nude French Bulldog Vest

 Step up your style game with this oh-so-chic French bulldog vest. Made of windproof fabric and padded with fleece, this vest is perfect for keeping your pup warm in chilly weather. Plus, the cute bear ears on the back are just too adorable!
  • made of windproof fabric and padded with warm fleece for better warmth
  • comes in gorgeous baby blue and nude colors
  • ribbed elastic band turtle neck and hem make the cut fit perfectly around your dog's body
  • emblazoned with bear ears on the back
  • comes with a practical snack or potty bag pocket on the back
  • machine washable in cold water
  • integrate metal D ring on the back to attach the lead. Your dog will be ready for a stroll in a few seconds!
Why we love it?Keep your Frenchie warm this winter with this stylish and practical vest! The windproof fabric and fleece padding will keep your pup comfortable even on the coldest days, while the cute bear ears add a touch of fun. There's also a handy pocket for storing treats or toys. So go ahead and bundle up your furry friend in style with this must-have French bulldog vest!

Reflective Winter French Bulldog Vest

 You and your pooch will love this next winter companion because we guarantee it will make the cold days a little warmer.
  • outer layer made of waterproof polyester fabric
  • inner layer made of warm fleece
  • padded with pp cotton
  • adjustable drawstrings that help in keeping a dog snug
  • reflective details for low light conditions
  • ideal piece of clothing for the winter season
  • stain resistant fabric (clean the stains with wet cloth)
  • machine washable in cold water
  • tear-resistant fabric
Why we love it?The Dog Winter Vest is perfect for those long walks or just running errands because of its breathable fabric that won’t leave your pup soaked to the bone, thanks to adjustable drawstrings that ensure you get the best fit! With reflective parts improving visibility during night hours and fleece insides providing better warmth, you can smile knowing your pet stays fully protected.Size chart:

Reversible Waterproof Frenchie Vest

 Let your dog taste the ultimate comfort and style on winter strolls by staying snug in this Reversible Waterproof Frenchie Vest!
  • made of polyester fabric
  • leash hole
  • reversible pattern do you can switch colors
  • button closure for easy dressing
  • turtle neck collar for extra warmth
  • padded with pp cotton
  • available in many colors and sizes
  • machine washable in cold water
  • lightweight design that fits in your pocket
Why we love it?Keep your pooch warm and dry with this functional doggy coat. Made of soft, cozy, and warm polyester that's also water-resistant, it features a leash hole for easy walks and doesn't go on too easily thanks to a button closure. But wait... there's more! This vest is reversible; simply flip it over when your dog needs an instant change of style. You'll save time and money while showcasing different colors (because everyone loves variety)!Size chart:

Smooth Patchwork French Bulldog Vest

  Made of luxurious plush, this French bulldog vest features an eye-catching patchwork design that will make your furry friend stand out from the crowd on every corner!
  • made of silky and soft plush
  • ideal pick for crispy autumn and winter
  • vivid pattern to draw the attention
  •  faux rabbit fur
  • button closure
  • protective hood
  • dry cleaning only
Why we love it?What's not to love about this Smooth Patchwork French Bulldog Vest? It's stylish, it's warm, and most importantly it was made specifically with your pup in mind! This vest is perfect for keeping your furry friend comfortable on chillier days, with a soft and smooth plush construction, inspired by a patchwork design. Plus, the handy button closure keeps everything secure while the cozy inner layer ensures they stay nice and snug. And don't worry - we haven't forgotten about their ears! The hood will protect them from the wind and cold while being super soft to the touch. So why wait? Add this must-have vest to your shopping list today!