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Arctic Faux Fur French Bulldog Coat

Keep your French Bulldog toasty and stylish with this premium Arctic Faux Fur French Bulldog Coat.
  • Modern style coat made of faux fur
  • Knitted rolls on the sleeve and back
  • MUST HAVE piece this season
Size chart:

Chic Waterproof Dog Jacket


Chich Waterproof Dog Jacket

Keep your designer dog warm this fall and winter in this Chich Waterproof Dog Jacket.
  • 2 zip pockets on back
  • Hoodie with faux fur trim
  • Touch fastener chest panel
Why We Love It:Take your four legged friend to frolic and play in this designer Chich Waterproof Dog JacketThe Jacket has two pockets on its back with snap closures. A line of faux buttons looks like it opens on back, but it actually has a touch fastener closure chest panel to keep your pup warm. Made of 100% nylon exterior and 100% polyester lining. Hand wash cold, line dry. Hoodie has a faux fur trim and is removable with a zipper attachment, and a snap to hold hood back when needed. Leash hole to attach onto your harness. Check out all the designer colors.
XS     22cm/8.66     28cm/11.02      30cm/11.81
S      26cm/10.24    32cm/12.60      34cm/13.39
M      32cm/12.60    36cm/14.17      38cm/14.96
L      34cm/13.39    38cm/14.96      42cm/16.54
XL     36cm/14.17    40cm/15.75      46cm/18.11
XXL    38cm/14.96    44cm/17.32      50cm/19.69

Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket


Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket

Give your pup premium warmth with theContemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket.
  • Contemporary design
  • Removable hood
  • Inner shell for warmth
  • Faux fur oversized hood
  • Touch fastener closure
Why We Love It:The Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket contains inner shell specially inserted between the Fabric. This pet coat features matching tone-on-tone inner fleece fabric for additional warmth and comfort.This fashion dog coat will keep your pet warmer during those harsh cold weather conditions or in cold climates. In addition, this pet coat features touch fastener closures at the chest for easier on and off access. Available in multiple sizes and colors.Sizing info:

Chill Winter Dog Jacket


Chill Winter Dog Jacket

This Chill Winter Dog Jacket in Gray, Blue or Red will look great all winter long.
  • Hood with faux fur lining
  • Adjustable front touch fastener closure for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Pockets on the back
  • High-cut, stay-dry belly
Why We Love It:The stylish Chill Winter Dog Jacket is a real deal! Fully lined with soft plush faux fur will keep the chill off your adorable dog. Made of 100% polyester with plastic snaps  closures. Great for your loving pup!Size chart:

Faux Fur Collar Denim Dog Jacket

Keep your pup warm and stylish with the Faux Fur Collar Denim Dog Jacket.
  • Denim jacket with fauc fur collar
  • Made to match human fashion
  • Perfect for colder weather
  • High-quality and durable
Why We Love It:Cool and warm at the same time, this striped denim dog jacket brings together urban chic design and quality materials. A great choice for colder weather in the fall, early spring or even winter, this denim jacket for dogs features a fauc fur collar.Comfortable to wear, the jacket will ensure that your pup feels cozy and looks adorable. The high-quality materials also ensure that this item will be a part of your pet’s wardrobe for a long time! Choose the size you need from the options listed on this page – they are all available at a fantastic price!

French Bulldog Hair Fur Remover

French Bulldog Hair Fur Remover We tested these French Bulldog Hair Fur Remover on our own dogs – and it

French Bulldog Massage Hair Remover

Is your French bulldog's coat looking dull and lifeless? Say goodbye to bad hair days with our French bulldog needle comb!
  • Specifically designed for French bulldogs
  • Features metal needles with a gentle coating on the top
  • Handy handle made of sturdy plastic for easy grip and maneuvering
  • Gentle and effective at keeping your pup's coat looking shiny and healthy
  • Helps to maintain the overall health of your French bulldog's skin
  • Comfortable to use for extended grooming sessions
  • A convenient and effective way to keep your furry friend looking and feeling their best!
Why do we love it?If you're looking for a convenient and effective way to groom your furry friend, the French bulldog needle comb is a fantastic option! This comb is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of French bulldogs, with a handy handle made of sturdy plastic that's easy to grip and maneuver. The metal needles on the comb are gentle and effective, with a special coating on the top that ensures your pup's skin stays safe and comfortable during grooming. With this comb, you can be sure that your French bulldog's coat stays looking shiny and healthy, while also keeping their skin in great condition. Plus, the handle makes it easy to use for extended grooming sessions, ensuring you and your pup stay comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.

Frenchie Winter Hooded Jacket

Frenchie Winter Hooded JacketThis Frenchie Winter Hooded Jacket is made from super comfy materials. Whenever you take your dog out on a walk you can be sure they are cozy and warm. This Winter Jacket comes in three different colors: red, green and gray!
  • Cozy and warm
  • Comes in different colors
  • Comfortable and your dog will love it
  • Adjustable waist size
  • Attractive and fashionable
Why we love it?If you want your dog to be comfortable, warm and fashionable at the same time, this Frenchie Winter Hooded Jacket is a perfect choice! This jacket has a hood with fur on it's lace and we can all agree that those kinds of jackets are super trendy right now! If you have a similar jacket you can even match it with your French Bulldog. This Winter Jacket will keep your dog warm throughout the whole day. This jacket is not heavy at all so your dog will enjoy wearing it

Frenchie World Warm Dog Jacket

Frenchie World Warm Dog JacketAdd some extra layer to your Frenchie this winter season with the Frenchie World Warm Dog Jacket!Composition:
  • Outer layer – polyester/cotton mix
  • Inner layer- polyester fleece
  • Comes with fashionable pockets on the back
  • The hood has a sewn ‘ring’ to attach the leash
Frenchie World Warm dog jacket presents a great pick to keep your Frenchie warm during winter. It is available in two colors and the soft fleece is put to keep the dog’s temperature at optimal ranges. The hood comes with luxurious faux fur that adds chic detail to this dog jacket.Size chart:

French Bulldog Yellow Windbreaker

French Bulldog Yellow Windbreaker Frenchies will stay warm and fashionable in the Yellow Windbreaker from Frenchie World. Removable faux fur collar Yellow

Frenchie World Hair Removing Roller

Keep your furniture and clothes clean of your dog’s hair by using Frenchie World Hair Removing Roller!
  • Features micro brush with great power of collecting
  • The ultimate solution for keeping your clothes and beds clean
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Features a hidden box for collecting the hair
  • The item is made of durable plastic
Why Do We Love It?This simple-to-use Frenchie World Hair Removing Roller will collect tons of your dog’s hair in a minute. Besides, it’s easy to clean, so you’ll always have it ready for the next use. The roller features a hidden box where the dog’s hair goes, and when you finish the process, you just need to throw away the bunch of hair and wash it with water. The roller also comes with a rubber edge to make sure that the collected hair won’t fall from it during the process of cleaning. Thanks to a micro brush, you’ll be able to keep your house clean in the safest and easiest way.

Happy Frenchie Padded Vest

Make your dog happy and warm while wearing our Happy Frenchie Padded Vest. Ideal for pawing through the cold weather, your pooch will stay away from hypothermia and look stylish at the same time.
  • Padded polyester filled with felt
  • Plaid sewn detail
  • Available in many colors
  • Faux fur around the sleeves
  • Hand washable in cold soapy water
Why we love it?We adore this Happy Frenchie Padded Vest because it’s perfect to be worn in harsh weather conditions. Since it’s sleeveless, your pup can also wear it over a hoodie or a sweater for extra warmth. The vest is padded with soft felt, and the inside faux fur fabric is skin-friendly which is very important to consider for the French bulldog breed. The faux fur decoration will make your dog attractive, while the print of a Frenchie on the back makes a perfect contrast.Size chart: