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Bread & Butter Fuzzy Twinning Hoodie

Share the love between you and your favorite fur baby in this super comfy matching hoodie set! . . .Length of adult clothing 62cm  Bust 124cm. Adult clothes need to be purchased separately.S  Length clothing 23cm   bust38cm  Neck circumference 24cmM Length clothing 26cm    bust39cm  Neck circumference 26cmL  Length clothing 29cm    bust44cm  Neck circumference 29cmXL Length clothing 32cm    bust49cm  Neck circumference 32cmXXL Length clothing 36cm    bust55cm  Neck circumference 36cm3XL  Length clothing 38cm    bust58cm  Neck circumference 40cm

4XL  Length clothing 42cm   bust62cm  Neck circumference 44cm

Chimp Fuzzy Dog Hoodie

S Length 23cm    bust 34cm  Neck 24cmM  Length 26cm    bust 39cm  Neck 26cmL Length 29cm    bust 44cm  Neck 29cmXL Length 32cm    bust 49cm  Neck 32cm

XXL  Length 36cm    bust 55cm  Neck 36cm

Contrast Nude French bulldog Hoodie

Contrast Nude French bulldog Hoodie is a smart and functional choice for your pooch to make him warm on grey and chilly days.
  • Made with faux sheep fur and contrast light beige fleece
  • Works as a perfect thermal layer
  • Adjustable to fit your dog
  • Features ribbed sleeves and waist to ensure a perfect fit
  • Comes with a kangaroo pocket
  • Comfortable design
Why we love it?This gorgeous Contrast Nude French bulldog Hoodie features a relaxed hood to keep your dog’s ears safe from cold and wind. It also incorporates a small hole to attach the leash when going to walks. Nude and pastel colors represent a total hit season, so that’s why we think it’s the ultimate time to include it into your dog’s closet. The soft and skin-friendly fabric will make your dog relaxed and safe from relaxed and safe from hypothermia. Since all Frenchies can't sustain cold temperatures,  you’d better snuggle your dog into this pick of French bulldog clothing. It will leave many beneficial effects on his health and will make your dog look trendy and cute.Size chart:Size----Back---------Chest XS---20cm/7.87---32cm/12.60S----25cm/9.84----37cm/14.57M----30cm/11.81---41cm/16.14L----35cm/13.78---46cm/18.11XL---40cm/15.75---54cm/21.26

French Bulldog Fluffy Warm Winter Jacket

our Frenchie will look and feel like a cute and cuddly bear when wearing the French Bulldog Fluffy Warm Winter Jacket.
  • Fuzzy fabric for cozy feel
  • Jacket style
  • Rainbow colored zipper
  • High-cut stay-dry belly
  • 100% Polyester
Why We Love It:Bring out your cuddle bear in the French Bulldog Fluffy Warm Winter Jacket. The texture fabric enhance the adorable teddy bear look.You'll love how cozy this cuddle fleece dog vest looks and feels on your dog. The combination of textures with a neutral hue gives this a classic look that doesn't detract from your dog's natural good looks.The tan tones resist looking dirty and the soft fabrics will keep your pup toasty warm and feeling like they are a cuddly teddy bear!Size chart:

French Bulldog Fuzzy Sheep Hoodie

Your pup will be ready to enjoy spending time outside in cold weather by wearing this French Bulldog Fuzzy Sheep Hoodie.
  • Soft and fuzzy fleece
  • "Cool However" embroidery
  • Resembles a sheep fur
  • Machine washable
Why do we love it?From now on, your dog will have the ultimate solution when having a walk in cold weather. The fabric is thermal, so it will help your Frenchie to keep his body temperature in optimal ranges. The soft fleece resembles sheep fur and it’s available in two colors. The high cut and elastic bonds are put to make your dog comfy while wearing it.Size chart:

French Bulldog Woolen Multicolored Fuzzy Sweater

Keep your Frenchie warm and stylish in this fabulous French Bulldog Woolen Multicolored Fuzzy Sweater.
  • Fuzzy Berber trimmed
  • Avantgarde pattern
  • Zip up
  • Art inspired piece
Size chart:

Frenchie Fuzzy Sweater With a Bunny Bag

Turn your little Frenchie princes into a glamorous four-legged lady by wearing this fuzzy hoodie with a bunny bag! Every Frenchie lady deserves to have a special outfit for birthday parties, weddings and other fabulous events.
  • Ultra soft fleece
  • Adorable girly design
  • Cute decorative bunny bag
  • Machine washable
Why we love it?This Glamorous Frenchie hoodie comes with a cute bunny bag that can be worn separately. It comes in two colors that are great to match with different outfits. The fabric is warm and will work as a thermal layer over your dog’s tiny coat. The high cut is put to prevent potty messes, while the fabric is stretchable enough to make your dog enough comfy.Size chart:

Fuzz & Buzz French Bulldog Sweater

Let your pooch experience extreme warmth and the ultimate protection when going on outdoor adventures in this fuzzy French bulldog sweater.
  • made of faux sheep fur
  • available in three bright colors
  • elastic neckline, hem, and cuffs
  • machine washable
  • soft, cozy, and extremely warm
  • the fuzzy fleece is known as one of the best fabrics in winter clothing production
Why we love it?

Your dog deserves to feel warm, just like you! Let's face it, cold and freezy days are closer than ever. You Frenchie might not be able to tell you how cold he feels, but you know when he starts to shake that it's time to dress him into a quality dog sweater! You can't go wrong with this pick for your furry friend because it's made of fuzzy and thick fleece. The elastic neckline won't restrict your Frenchie's breathing and it comes in a gorgeous pink, brown, and lilac colors. In case your furry friend needs extra support on freezy winter days, we recommend you have a look at our great assortment of French bulldog jackets & coats!

Fuzzy and Soft French Bulldog Vest Harness and Leash Set

This Fuzzy and Soft French bulldog vest harness and leash set is Ideal for untrained puppies that need a soft and cozy harness to prevent their skin from irritations.
  • Emblazoned with cute Teddy bears
  • Perfect for small puppies that have thin coats
  • Breathable mesh inside
  • Available in three colors and 2 sizes
  • Made of soft and fuzzy polyester
  • Hand wash in cold water
Why do we love it?Your little puppy will feel comfortable wearing our Fuzzy and Soft French bulldog vest harness because it’s made of breathable mesh and luxurious fabric. It is crafted with soft edges and comes in a pack with a matching leash. This is definitely the first harness that your dog should wear because it’s made to suit tiny Frenchie puppies who should discover the outside world for the first time. The harness vest is decorated with cute Teddy Bears and fuzzy fabric that resembles fur.Size chart:S: bust 28-45cm M: bust 45-60cm)

Fuzzy Daisy Flower Frenchie Vest

Fuzzy Daisy Flower Frenchie Vest
Make your dog ready for the crispy fall season by allowing her to safely spend time outside in our Fuzzy Daisy Flower Frenchie Vest.
  • Made of fuzzy and warm fleece
  • Decorated with daisy flowers and made in light blue color
  • Button closure
  • Hand washable in cold water
  • High cut that prevents potty messes
  • Double layer of fuzzy fleece for extra warmth
Why we love it?Besides it’s very thick, this adorable Fuzzy Daisy Flower Frenchie Shirt is a piece of clothing that will work great with any combination. Your little four-legged princess will be ready to spend time in cold weather, and can even wear it over a sweater. The button closure won’t twitch the Frenchie’s hair, while the attractive pattern will catch everyone’s eye wherever you appear. The inner part is made of cotton, so your pet will feel pleasant and won’t experience any skin irritations.Size chart:

Fuzzy Lion Frenchie Hoodie

Plaid patterns never go out of fashion! That’s why we decided to make your Frenchie both warm and fashionable in this fuzzy Lion dog hoodie!
  • Cute Lion head decoration
  • Plaid design in pastel colors
  • 100% soft fleece
  • Machine washable
  • Comes in two colors
Why do we love it?Great to wear on different occasions, this Fuzzy Lion Frenchie hoodie will make your pet feel both comfy and warm in cold weather. We all know how much French bulldogs require wearing clothes, so that’s why it’s good to think on time about how to prevent them from hypothermia. This Fuzzy Lion hoodie comes in two colors and your batpig will be able to keep his temperature in optimal ranges when having a stroll in the winter months.Size chart:

Fuzzy winter Frenchie Hooded Sweater

How many times did you want to find a tick and warm sweater for your Frenchie? With our Fuzzy winter Frenchie sweater, you no longer have to worry about your dog’s safety and health.
  • Warm pick for the chilly season
  • Composition: fuzzy fleece
  • Machine washable on 30 c
  • Available in 2 colors
Why do we love it?Our fuzzy winter Frenchie sweater is made of the quality and soft fleece that will prevent your dog from hypothermia. Since Frenchies have one-layered coats and flat muzzles, it’s essential to keep their body temperatures in optimal ranges. Our fabrics passed through additional washing processes to make sure of the color quality. It is available in red and blue colors and has buttons in the dog’s belly to prevent hair twitching. It’s easy to dress on and off and the pocket on the back makes a true color contrast.Size chart: