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Glacier Cooling Vest For French Bulldogs

Glacier Cooling Vest For French BulldogsThanks to our Glacier Cooling Vest for French Bulldogs, your dog can get a real cooling effect during the summer season. Made of heat-resistant mesh, this vest will keep your batpig safe from heatstroke and potential environmental dangers.
  • Breathable and skin-friendly mesh
  • Prevents heatstroke
  • Modern glacier pattern that is a total hit this summer season
  • Should be worn wet in the summer
  • Protects from different environmental allergens
  • Protects from the sun rays
  • Super-elastic cut
Why Do We Love It?Your little gremlin gonna enjoy wearing this Glacier Cooling Vest For French Bulldogs thanks to a special heat-resistant mesh that is skin-friendly. Before wearing, you should soak it in the cold water, twist it dry and dress up on your Frenchie. The neckline is wide enough to prevent strangulation, and the edges are softly crafted. We decided to design it in this cool unisex tie-dye pattern that represents a total hit this summer season. The vest will gradually get dry as your dog walks outside, so you can repeat the process to get maximum protection of heatstroke.  To get a better cooling effect, you can also place a wet vest in the fridge for 15 minutes before wearing.Size chart: