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French Bulldog Tumbler Slow-Feeding Bowl

If you want to keep your dog entertained and slow down his eating, then you gotta check our Tumbler Slow-Feeding Bowl. It will occupy your Frenchie’s attention, improve his intelligence, and turn his meals into a game.
  • Improves a dog’s intelligence
  • Increase dog movement and eating pleasure
  • Perfect for anxious pups who need to distract attention of the owner’s absence
  • Available in different colors
  • Made of non-toxic and safe material
Why Do We Love It?Thanks to a round design, the Tumbler Slow-Feeding Bowl will turn your dog’s meals into moments of fun. It’s perfect to use on anxious pups who need some fun time while spending moments of loneliness at home. Since the bowl releases the dry kibble food as your dog moves it with a muzzle, you can be sure that he will love playing with it. Besides, it represents the ideal solution for greedy eaters who suffer from flatulence. Your pup will slow down and extend the time for eating, so your pooch will be less prone to experience painful gasses.

Frenchie World® IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Egg

TheFrenchie World® IQ Treat ball interactive food egg rewards your French Bulldog for playing, dropping treats as the ball rolls. The ball’s interior disk adjusts to change the difficulty level, and you can fill the ball with treats or a full meal.Best for:
  • French Bulldogs and other mini breeds
  • Dogs who love to chase
  • Dogs who need a “slow feeder” that keeps them moving

Frenchie World® Snuflemat for IQ development

Frenchie World® Snuflemat for IQ developmentDevelop your dog's IQ by letting him find his treats! The Snuffelmat  makes the dog tired because of the duration of the search and the use of the brains while snooping. An additional advantage of snuffelmat is that many dogs who struggle to eat out of the container will eat their meal from the snuffelmat! Not only do dogs love the snuffelmat, cats also love to search between the strips and find their dry food. In the snuffelmat you can hide a whole meal of dry food up to 400 grams.The snuffelmat is:
  • Relaxing game for the dog
  • Easy to make yourself
  • Durable, using rubber
  • soft for the nose because of the soft fleece fabric
  • Attractive design,Multiple mats can be spliced together becomes a big size mat! Your pet will like to play and search on the mat, meet their curiosity
  • Keep your Dog Mentally and Physically Stimulated,hide your dog' snacks or toys in the Blanket and let your dog to find it out
  • Training your dog's sense of smell,let your dog's nose and brain to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature.
  • This is a fun way for dogs to use their nose to investigate or to keep your pet busy when you are away from home.
  • Roll up for storage and carrying, Great for indoor and outdoor activity for your pets