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Juicy Peach French Bulldog Sweater

Turn your pooch into a lovely pink peach by dressing him into this cozy and warm Juicy Peach French Bulldog Sweater.
  • Comes with a plush peach toy
  • The peach toy is perfect for playing fetch
  • Made of knitted and soft polyester
  • Romantic and girly pattern 
  • Ideal for fall and winter seasons
Why we love it?Your little Frenchie girl will adore wearing this Juicy Peach French Bulldog Sweater because it’s made in clean white and pale pink colors. The knitted fabric is elastic and the peach pattern is made of fuzzy thread to reach the 3d design.Your four-legged princess can wear it on chilly fall days or under the jacket during winter. Besides, it comes with a Peach plush toy that is perfect to use when playing fetch at home. You can wash the sweater in mildly cold water with detergent, while ironing is not necessary. The half roll neck jumper will protect your Frenchie from the wind while allowing her to breathe normally.Size chart: