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Charming Frenchie Keychain

 Keep your Frenchie always by your side with this adorable Charming Frenchie Keychain!
  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Metal color: gold or silver
  • The collar on a Frenchie is emblazoned with spikes
  • A great gift for French bulldog lovers
  • Serious add-to-bag potential
  • Ring fastening
  • available in 3 sizes
Why we love it?We can never get enough of keychains. To stop losing your keys, make sure you always carry them on this Charming Frenchie Keychain. It is available in so many colors that you will have a hard time choosing.  The keychain is available in 3 sizes and can be attached to your purse, bag, or backpack as well. Pick your favorite pooch and let everyone know that you're a Frenchie person. Whether you're searching for a cute present for a dog parent or to reward yourself, we are sure you would be pleased with the design and quality of this product.

Glam & Shine French Bulldog Keychain

 Make sure you're prepared for any occasion with this flashy-glamorous French bulldog keychain. With shiny zircons and numerous colors to choose from, you can't go wrong by stroking your obsession for canine companionship in all directions!
  • durable zinc alloy ring
  • great to use for carrying keys
  • it can be used as a decorative addition to your backpack, bag, or purse
  • available in many colors
  • carefully crafted 3D Frenchie figure
  • size: 13 x 5 cm
Why we love it?This French bulldog keychain will always be at your side and this way it will offer you all the love that you feel for your pet. You can use it to hang keys or as a decoration. Also, its eye-catching design will draw attention from every passerby. When buying this accessory everybody wins: not only do you get an adorable pet that will help you carry your keys, but also serve as a lovely decoration to your wallet, purse, and backpacks.

Grumpy Frenchie Keychain

Surprise your special person who is a Frenchie owner or lover by buying our Grumpy Frenchie Keychain made of durable rubber.
  • Cute gift for a Frenchie mom or dad
  • Can be used as a keychain or accessorized to your wallet or bag
  • Metal ring for carrying keys
  • Height of a Frenchie: 5.3 cm; width: 3.4cm
Why Do We Love It?How many times did you want to buy a unique gift that will thrill your special person? Well, since everyone carries keys, buying quality and cute keychains definitely sounds like a good idea! Our Grumpy Frenchie Keychain will add adorable and fancy detail to your bag or wallet. It’s made of soft rubber and there are many colors to choose from. We’re sure no Frenchie mom or dad would ever forget where they’ve put their keys thanks to a grumpy Frenchie figure.

Limited Edition Vinyl French Bulldog Key Chains

Limited Edition Vinyl French Bulldog Key Chains Educate your friends and family. Teach people how important it is to spay

Limited Edition Vinyl Frenchie Key Chains

Limited Edition Vinyl Frenchie Key Chains Educate your friends and family. Teach people how important it is to spay and

Mini French Bulldog Leather Keychain

Let your Frenchie follow you on your daily adventures and remind you of love for your little gremlin!
  • Made of soft PU Leather
  • Cute gift idea for Frenchie parents
  • Available in many colors
  • Classic leather keychain
  • Double metal rings
  • Can be attached to a bag
Why we love it?You're gonna love to carry this adorable Mini French Bulldog Leather Keychain as a fashionable detail on your bag or purse. Besides, it will always remind you where you've put your keys. A cute mini Frenchie is available in many colors, and it represents an inevitable item for every French bulldog lover. Only Frenchie parents will understand the love for these adorable creatures! Show the love for your pet by always carrying a 3D leather keychain with you!

Rhinestone French Bulldog Leather Keychain

Let your Frenchie hang out with you all day with this Rhinestone French Bulldog Leather Keychain!ALL PROFIT GOES TO FRENCH BULLDOG RESCUE!This lovely French Bulldog keychain is designed and handmade by us. Our solid  French Bulldog keychains are the perfect accessory for your keys. Each keychain depicts the strong and broad dog we all know and love!The highly detailed genuine leather French Bulldog figure attached to the key ring depicts your favorite breed flawlessly. We have a unique component that gets better with age. Proudly made in the Japan.Size info: 14 cm x 12 cm