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Camouflage Frenchie Swimming Vest

Camouflage Frenchie Swimming VestEvery Frenchie needs to get ready for splashes and waves by wearing a high-buoyancy dog swimming vest.
  • ensured with high-buoyancy panels on both sides
  • available in attractive and bright camo patterns
  • reflective safety straps
  • emblazoned with a shark fin
  • adjustable velcro closure on the belly
  • safety back handle
Why we love it?Enjoy swimming adventures this summer season and make your furry friend safe in both shallow and deep water with our Camouflage dog swimming jacket. It comes in attractive and highly-visible bright colors and it is ensured with reflective stripes on both sides. The floating panels will keep your dog on the top, and prevent it from sinking. As a cherry on top, the swimming vest features a hilarious shark fin on the back. So, watch out! There is a fat and furry shark who is lurking from the sidelines.

Dragon French Bulldog Life Vest

Dragon French Bulldog Life VestKeep your dog safe while spending time near water and allow him to enjoy summer adventures with this adorable and unique Dragon French Bulldog Life Vest.
  • High-quality buoyancy panels
  • Attractive dragon pattern
  • Decorated with a dragon tail and wings
  • Keeps the dog safe in the water
  • Adjustable straps on the belly and under the neck
  • Comes with a practical grab handle
  • D-ring for a leash
Why we love it? As an owner of a brachycephalic-skulled dog, you need to stay aware of their tendency to drown quickly. This Dragon French Bulldog Life Vest will become your dog’s best friend for spending a peaceful summer season. Thanks to high-quality buoyancy panels, your Frenchie will stay safe while spending time in the water. A practical grab handle allows you to save him from dangerous situations and help him easier get out from the water. It also features a unique dragon pattern with 3d wings and a tail, so we are sure that your lovely gremlin will become the main attraction on the beach. Size chart: 

Life safety vest

Life safety vest.Made of Oxford Breathable Mesh and developed for French non-swimming breed.100% tested. Please have a detailed look at product photos.

Lobster French Bulldog Swimming Vest


Help your little batpig stay safe in the water and catch everyone's eye on the beach in this French Bulldog Life Vest. 
  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Material: oxford+EPE foam
  • Attractive Lobster design
  • Special safety detail for your Frenchie's neck
  • Fast-drying oxford fabric
  • high-quality buoyancy panels

Why we ♥︎ it?

Not only because of an eye-catching design but also because of high-buoyancy panels, your furry gremlin will stay safe in all types of water.We bet everyone will turn their heads to see that giant red Lobster swimming proudly. Since this dog swimming vest features a neck extension to keep your dog's head above water, your Frenchie will swim even more confidently. You can set the size by adjusting the straps, and there is also a safety and reflective handle to use in unplanned situations. Let your little frog dog swim like a dolphin in this French bulldog swimming vest!

Oxford French Bulldog Swimming Jacket


Oxford French Bulldog Swimming Vest

Make your furry friend calm and safe in the water and let him wear the trendiest dog life jacket that will turn him/her into a buzzing Bee or scary Dino. 
  • ensured with a safety handle
  • available in funny designs
  • perfect for summer water adventures
  • made of high-quality oxford fabric
  • comes with a D-ring to attach the leash
  • easy to set straps

Why we ♥︎ it?

This summer season, your little gremlin deserves to swim in style. Let him transform into a Bee or Dino, and he'll definitely become the main star on the beach.Besides, this French bulldog life vest will keep your dog safe both in shallow and deep waters. Although your Frenchie seems like he knows what's doing, allowing your pet to swim without a life jacket can turn out fatally. This dog life jacket is ensured with safety straps, solid buckles and reflective parts, while the safety handle can be used in case of emergency.

Reflective Shark French Bulldog Life Vest

  Beware of dangerous four-legged shark that is ready to catch everyone's eye and show brilliant swimming skills this summer season!
  •  padded with high-quality floating panels
  • emblazoned with reflective shark fin on the back
  • safety handle on the back
  • adjustable straps around neck and belly
  • available in 2 colors
  • wide neckline
Why we love it?You'll adore this French bulldog life jacket not only because of the design but also because of safety details. The shark fin is reflective to make your pooch safe in the water, while a safety handle on the back can be especially handy in dangerous and unplanned situations. You can adjust the size according to your furry friend's body and the high-buoyancy panels will keep him/her on the top of the water. Since these little gremlins quickly get tired in the water, buying them life swimming vests if of great importance. That's how your dog will feel not only safe but also relaxed and comfortable while swimming.

Seagull French Bulldog Life Jacket


Let your dog cruise the pool like never before with the help of our hilarious Seagull French Bulldog Life Jacket!
  • available in 2 colors
  • emblazoned with a seagull made of a floating panel on the dog's back
  • ensured with reflective details
  • perfect for water adventures and keeping a dog safe
  • easy to clean
  • fast-drying oxford fabric that is gentle to the skin
  • adjustable velcro closure and nylon-webbing straps

Why we ♥︎ it?

We all know that these furry gremlins sink like rocks. Did you know that a Frenchie can drown in only a few seconds?French bulldogs quickly get tired, so it's important to keep them safe and relaxed near water.If you're planning to take your dog swimming, then this French bulldog life jacket will be a life-savior solution!Since it comes with a 3d floating Seagull on the dog's back, we're sure your pet won't go unnoticed.Besides, the life jacket is ensured with reflective details and nylon straps that will keep every inch of your dog's body safe and comfortable.

Shark Fin French Bulldog Life Vest


Shark Fin French Bulldog Life Vest

Add a dose of safety to your dog's swimming adventures and make him/her visible to other swimmers in this Shark Fin French Bulldog Life Vest.
  • high-buoyancy panels
  • decorated with reflective shark fin
  • crafted in neon orange color and bright blue color
  • ensured with safety straps
  • adjustable straps that are easy to set
  • solid outer fabric that is scratch resistant

Why we ♥ it?

You're gonna love this dog life vest not only because of the design but also because of the quality of craftsmanship. The vest is available in blue and orange colors, and the shark fin on the dog's back will reflect when colliding with sunlight. In that way, your dog will stay visible to other swimmers. You can set the size by easily adjusting the strap under the chin and two straps that go around the dog's belly.A safety handle on the dog's back can be of great help when you want to get him out of the water. Besides, there's a metal D-ring that allows you to attach the leash and have a walk without taking the swimming vest off.Size chart: