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Magic Plush French Bulldog Sweatshirt

Let your dog look spotted, feel warm, and stay safe on chilly and breezy days. The Magic Plush French Bulldog Sweatshirt is available in three vivid patterns that are ready to make buzzing steps this season!
  • Made of thick and soft plush
  • The length is ensured with elastic cuffs.
  • Available in cow, chicken and avocado pattern
  • Colorful design to make your pooch spotted
  • Elastic cut that supports all dog’s activities
Why we love it?Thanks to a quality and warm plush fabric, this Magic Plush French Bulldog Sweatshirt will become your pet’s favorite pick for the autumn and winter season. The lovely cow pattern will make your Frenchie spotted, while bright yellow and baby blue pieces are emblazoned with avocados and chickens. Your dog can wear it under a jacket on cold days, or as a single layer on breezy fall weather. Thanks to a high cut on the back, your pooch won’t get messy when going to the toilet. The neckline is wide and elastic, so your pet won’t experience any troubles with breathing and will be able to perform all daily activities.Size chart: