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Breathable Mesh French Bulldog Harness

Breathable and skin-friendly texture, neck-friendly design, and reflective elements are three features you'll love about the Breathable Mesh French Bulldog Harness.
  • available in three colors
  • mesh fabric fits gently onto the skin
  • reflective threads
  • adjustable strap around the dog's belly
  • neck-friendly cut for brachycephalic dogs
  • relocates the pressure to the chest area, it doesn't restrict breathing
Why we love it?Since Frenchies have sensitive skin, their owners should always think twice before ordering clothes and harnesses for them. Fortunately, the Breathable Mesh French Bulldog Harness is made of breathable fabric that is soft in the touch and provides constant skin ventilation regardless of weather conditions. The edges are carefully padded, while the belly strap is adjustable and easy to set. You can wash this harness when it gets dirty and if your dog needs a cooling effect in the summer, he/she can also wear it wet.Size chart:

Neoprene French Bulldog Harness

Neoprene French Bulldog Harness is a lightweight, low-profile adventure harness both for puppies and adults who want to feel safe and comfortable during strolls.
  • made of a neoprene fabric that is stretchable and soft
  • lycra padded edges
  • available in 4 patterns
  • the inner side is lined with mesh
  • reversible design
  • metal D ring on the back
  • hand wash cold
  • easy to adjust
Why we love it?Make sure your Frenchie feels relaxed and comfy by choosing a harness made f breathable and lightweight fabric. Scaled to fit even these small companions, the Neoprene French Bulldog Harness is a great option for any dog that enjoys exploring in a harness. This colorful harness has four points of adjustment for a sleek, comfortable fit and a metal D ring on the back. If your dog is a stubborn puller, the pressure will be relocated to the chest part instead of to his neck. Since Frenchies have flat muzzles, this feature is essential to search for in a harness.Size chart: