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“LOVE” Paw Mesh Harness


"LOVE" Paw Mesh Harness

Simplicity meets functionality in our "LOVE" Paw Mesh Harness.
  • Breathable 100% soft polyester mesh.
  • Comfortable neck.
  • Adjustable chest belt with plastic clasp.
  • "LOVE" Paw Rubber Patch
Why We Love It: A simple dog harness is a staple for any small dog! This mesh dog harness is great for warmer months and dogs that don't pull on leash too much. Comfortable and safe for your precious puppy.

Breathable and Reflective French Bulldog Harness

Breathable and Reflective French Bulldog HarnessMade with comfort in mind, this Breathable and reflective French bulldog harness will suit Frenchies of all ages.Composition: breathable mesh and padded with foam inside Reflective parts Adjustable points Metal D ring to attach the leash Comes with a handle to support puppies and older poochesWhy do we love it?We adore this Breathable and reflective French bulldog harness because it’s made of breathable mesh that has been padded with foam. It won’t irritate your dog’s skin and the cut is put low under the dog’s neck to prevent strangulation. The reflective parts are put on adjustable belts. There is also a handle that can be used to support the dog when jumping into the car or to support mobility in senior pooches.Size chart:

Breathable Mesh French Bulldog Harness

Breathable and skin-friendly texture, neck-friendly design, and reflective elements are three features you'll love about the Breathable Mesh French Bulldog Harness.
  • available in three colors
  • mesh fabric fits gently onto the skin
  • reflective threads
  • adjustable strap around the dog's belly
  • neck-friendly cut for brachycephalic dogs
  • relocates the pressure to the chest area, it doesn't restrict breathing
Why we love it?Since Frenchies have sensitive skin, their owners should always think twice before ordering clothes and harnesses for them. Fortunately, the Breathable Mesh French Bulldog Harness is made of breathable fabric that is soft in the touch and provides constant skin ventilation regardless of weather conditions. The edges are carefully padded, while the belly strap is adjustable and easy to set. You can wash this harness when it gets dirty and if your dog needs a cooling effect in the summer, he/she can also wear it wet.Size chart:

Breathable Mesh Light Vest Harness


Breathable Mesh Light Vest Harness

This Breathable Light Vest Harness is designed especially for French Bulldogs and it's suitable for hot summer days.
  • High-density air mesh fabric
  • Soft brim
  • Ultra-light and breathable
  • 4 colors
  • Light plastic buckle
Why we love it?This ultra-light fabric allows your dog's skin to breathe making it perfect for hot summer days. Choose a color that fits your Frenchie's personality the best and go for the most stylish walk ever! A light plastic buckle is of high quality which ensures the long-lasting life of this clothing piece. Gift this to Frenchie and they will love it!

Day Of The Dead Reversible Harness

The Day Of The Dead Reversible Harness is interchangeable between two unique printed sides, giving you two fashionable harnesses in one! You can quickly switch between a printed neoprene fabric harness and a printed mesh harness for double the fun!
  • Reversible Design
  • Designed for comfort and style
  • Waterproof
  • Beathable
  • Reflective Printed Safety Stripe
  • 5 Unique Sizes

Dual Professional Air Mesh French Bulldog Harness

Ideal both for untrained puppies and seniors, this Padded Professional French Bulldog Harness will provide your pet with essential support when going for strolls.
  • Dual Air-Mesh technology
  • Scratch-resistant oxford fabric
  • Reflective parts
  • Frontal and back parts are elastic and breathable
  • Adjustable belts
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Double-D metal rings
  • Hand washable in cold water
Why Do We Love It?Our Padded Professional French Bulldog Harness is made of high-quality nylon webbing and has been padded with breathable mesh, sponge-padded sections, reflective parts, and a practical handle on the back. It features adjustable belts that are made not to irritate the skin, while padded frontal and back parts are put in to prevent a dog from pulling. A handle is especially beneficial for senior pooches who deal with mobility issues. In other words, you can use it as a support to help your dog enter the car or climb the stairs.Size chart:

French Bulldog Mesh Monster Jersey

This French Bulldog Mesh Monster Jersey is made of a micro mesh material with an printed MONSTER 68 on the back.
  •  Large MONSTER 68 prin on back.
  • Chest side of dog jersey is blank
  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine washable
S24/9.4536/ 14.1724/9.45



French Bulldog Mesh Padded Walking Leash

French Bulldog Mesh Padded Walking Leash Take a walk with comfort and safety with French Bulldog Mesh Padded Walking Leash. 6 colors Soft

French Bulldog Mesh Summer Cooling Vest

French Bulldogs will love to chill on the beach, hike, or just enjoy the hot summer day when they can keep cool with the French Bulldog Mesh Summer Cooling Vest. MUST HAVE THIS SUMMER!Protects the heart region and chest, vital for circulation.
  • Provides protection from the sun and cooling
  • 4 CUSTOM MADE frenchie pattern designs
  • Ideal for training or shows
  • Excellent absorption capacity
  • Light-colored fabric reflects solar radiation
How To Use:
  1. Dip in cold water
  2. Wring dry
  3. Cool down
Size chart:

French Bulldog Mesh Travel Carrier

French Bulldog Mesh Travel Carrier is great to take your dog with you when you are traveling, going shopping or hiking.Since we all know that French bulldogs shouldn’t be exposed to great physical exertions, dog carriers can present a great solution. Older dogs that suffer from arthritis and painful joints can also suffer from mobility issues so it’s the time when you can use the carrier.This one is made of breathable mesh which means it won’t overheat your Frenchie. The belts are adjustable and the basket is comfy.Size chart:Size(M): 38 x 21 cm Chest Size(M): 48 cm Size(L):43 x 24 cm Chest Size(L): 64 cm

French Bulldog Sport Harness

If you are searching for a high-quality sporty harness for your Frenchie, look no more! This French Bulldog Sport Harness is strengthened with multiple stripes to keep your dog’s spine and hips in a healthy posture!
  • Breathable Mesh
  • No Pull & No Choke Harness
  • Adjustable vest style
  • Light Weight
  • Webbing stripes
  • Maintenance: hand wash in cold water
Why we love it?Specially tailored to suit the French bulldog breed, this Sport Harness can be used in all seasons. It’s also great to use if your pooch adores going to long and relaxing walks because it’s made of breathable mesh. The mesh is padded with a soft sponge and the low cut will prevent your Frenchie from neck straining. It is available in many colors and the size can be set as your pup grows.Size chart:S     Chest: 44-50CM, Neck: 38-45cm, Leash: 120cm long, 1.5cm wideM     Chest: 52-57CM, Neck: 43-48cm, Leash: 120cm long, 2.0cm wideL     Chest: 61-71CM, Neck: 52-62cm, Leash: 120cm long, 2.0cm wide

French Bulldog Vibrant Raincoat

This French Bulldog Vibrant Raincoat is lightweight and comfort solution for a rainy day.
  • Adjustable chinching strings and stoppers on the hood, sleeves and bottom.
  • Waterproof & full rain protection
  • Hand washable.
Why We Love It: This French Bulldog Vibrant Raincoat will be perfect for a brisk spring or fall day. The French Bulldog Raincoat is waterproof and designed to reflect current human fashions. This multicolor wind breaker dog jacket is lightweight and lined with mesh for ultimate comfort.