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French Bulldog Nose Moisturizer

French Bulldog Nose MoisturizerHarsh weather conditions, cold, and sharp terrains can make severe damage to your French bulldog’s paws and nose. Our Paw And Snout Dog Winter Vax are rich in natural ingredients that leave many beneficial effects on your Frenchie’s sensitive paw pads and nose.
  • A mix of organic herbs
  • The natural protective barrier that keeps the nose soft
  • Can be used for treatingpaws cracks too
  • Non-toxic, safe for your Frenchie
  • Helps in treating nose hyperkeratosis
Why We Love It?Besides you can use it to provide your Frenchie’s nose and paws with essential moisture, you can also use it for treating tear marks. The balm is completely harmless and made of organic ingredients that soothe the gentle nose skin and dark tear marks. For maximum protection, we recommend you use it twice a week. After you clean your French bulldog’s paws from dirt, gently massage the pads with our Paw and Snout Dog Winter Wax. The Vax also helps in dealing with boring and ugly-looking nose hyperkeratosis. Therefore, it’s one more reason why to use it throughout the year.Capacity: 10ml/20ml