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3D French Bulldog Leather Phone Case


3D French Bulldog Leather Phone Case

 3D French Bulldog Leather Phone Case reinvents classic black with a modern design that combines the cuteness and elegance for all Frenchie owners.
  • the case is made of durable silicone and 60% recycled materials
  • the upper part is covered by vegan leather
  • decorated with 3D Frenchie
  • perfect gift for all French bulldog owners
  • made of ethical and animal-free materials
Why we  ♥ it?Created with plenty of love for these little gremlins, this phone case will become your main fashion detail wherever you go. The 3D Frenchie in the center of the phone case adds a touch of cuteness, ready to elevate any occasion. Whether you want to surprise your fav person or renew and protect your own phone, this case will surely live up to your expectations.

Be Chill French Bulldog Necklace

Be Chill French Bulldog NecklaceAdorn your outfit with a dazzling and buzzing French bulldog necklace that will show everyone how much you love your furry friend.
  • Frenchie pendant is emblazoned with colorful zircons
  • comes with a stylish chain necklace
  • ideal for casual outfits
  • perfect idea for a gift
  • made of zinc alloy
Why we love it?Want to add a piece of jewelry that will make you stand out from the crowd? With this French bulldog necklace, you'll surely bring a dash of glam to any basic clothing piece. The pendant is shiny and features dozens of zircons, while the chain comes in golden color. Whether you're searching for a cute gift for a Frenchie owner, or you just want to refresh your accessory collection, this necklace will surely make you chic and shining.

French Bulldog Biscuit Mold

Whether you want to reward your Frenchie or yourself with tasty snacks, this biscuit mold will turn every bite into a piglet-shaped Frenchie.
  •  15 mold shapes to choose from
  • inspired by the love for French bulldogs
  • suitable for baking cookies, biscuits, and other snacks
  • avoid high temperatures
  • not suitable for oven usage
  • hand washable, made of plastic
  • 2 pcs set
Why we love it?Bring some moments of fun to your baking time with this cute and tasty French bulldog biscuit mold. You can use it to prepare healthy snacks for your little gremlin and enjoy making homemade cookies with your kids. This will become your favorite kitchen equipment especially if you're a proud owner of these cuddly batpigs. The molds are made of plastic and the set consists of a molded lid and a cutter. Your biscuits can be shaped as Frenchies or even display one of cute batpig's faces.

French Bulldog Black Pearl Bracelet

Embellish your look with a bracelet inspired by the love for French bulldogs. Crafted from matte lava stone, it will bring both elegant and modern detail to your daily outfits.
  • Material: Copper Matte Lava Stone
  • Length: 19.5cm(Size could be customized )
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Antique Gold Silver Bronze
  • Beads Size: 8mm
  • Available in different colors
  • Perfect idea for a gift
Why we love it?Spice up your outfit with a bracelet made of top-quality matte lava stone. This luxurious unisex bracelet is ready to upgrade your look with a tiny Frenchie bead that will show everyone that you're a dad or a mom of a cute little batpig. The bracelet is adjustable and will fit any occasion and style. So whether you're going to work or meet your friends, this piece of jewelry will bring a dose of cuteness to your daily routines. 

French Bulldog Pawprint Stamp Pad

This fun and unique stamp set is the perfect way to capture your French Bulldog's growth over time!
  • Size: Within the frame size 9.5*5.7cm ; overall size 12.5*8cm
  • Ink in 6 available colors
  • 1 printing oil +2 sheets of paper
  • Cute idea for a gift
  • The set that will remind you of your furry friend's puppyhood
Why we love it?With this French Bulldog Pawprint Stamp Pad, you can immortalize the period of your dog's growth! It contains one printing oil, two paper sheets, and you can choose between six ink colors. This is a great commemorative gift for any dog parent who wants to record their Frenchie's growth. You just need to put your dog's paw on the spongy ink box and then apply it onto the paper that comes in the set. When the imprint is finished, you can frame the pawprint and place it in a special place in your home.

Frenchie Patterned iPhone Case


Frenchie Patterned iPhone Case

Let this Frenchie seamlessly cover and protect your phone. This captivating design stands out with force and will surely add a dose of cuteness to your everyday life.
  • soft silicone cover that protects your phone
  • emblazoned with cute pastel-colored Frenchies
  • available in different phone models
  • impact resistant
  • UV-resistant (the color won't fade)
  • protects the phone from dust, water, and dirt
Why we  it?Made of 65% recycled and plant-based materials, this Frenchie-inspired phone case will definitely bring a dose of cuteness to your daily routines. The case is soft, durable, and made of top-quality materials that will last for years. Since it's available in many phone types, we're sure you're gonna find the one for yourself. Let this adorable pastel-colored Frenchie become the main addition to your bag.