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Big Eyes Striped Sweater

The Big Eyes Striped Sweater is a sweet sweater for your dog!
  • Cashmere blend
  • Big Plush Eyes on the back
  • Store exclusive
Why We Love It:The Big Eyes Striped Sweatert is a lovely striped sweater with a decorative Plush Eyes on the back.Cashmere blend for a maximum comfort. This sweater can be easily worn as a pullover.A great gift for your pretty pup.Sizing info:S         BACK   25CM    CHEST 25CMM        BACK  30CM    CHEST 40CML         BACK  35CM    CHEST 45CMXL       BACK  40CM    CHEST 50CM


Bite-resistant Bird Frenchie Toys

Ideal for easing the symptoms of the teething phase, and occupying a dog’s attention, these Bite-resistant Bird Frenchie Toys will provide endless entertainment to dogs of all ages.
  • Available in different designs
  • Ideal for molar relief
  • The sound device is put in the head of the toy
  • Composition: solid and bite-resistant plush
  • Hand washable
Why Do We Love It?Our Bite-resistant Bird Frenchie Toys are made of durable and solid plush with hundreds of bulges that provide a massage to your puppy’s red and swollen gums. Besides, your little Frenchie will enjoy endless playing when spending time alone at home. We all know that birds always represent interesting prey both for dogs and cats. That’s why we’ve decided to make Frenchie toys inspired by those fluffy creatures. You may use them for playing fetch in the yard or when your little pup is going through a teething phase.

Durable Squeaky Plush French Bulldog Toys

Your Frenchie would be thrilled to have one of the following Durable Squeaky Plush French Bulldog Toys to stay entertained for a long time!
  • Composition: plush
  • Perfect for playing fetch
  • Machine washable
Why we love it?Squeaky plush toys are great for pooches who tend to chew on home items. You can choose between different designs and provide your Frenchie with an endless game. The toys are made of high-quality plush that crosses more than 100,000 cycles in the Martindale test.

Elephant plush sleeping pillow

Elephant plush sleeping pillow Unique Design: For puppies, give the Frenchie the best love, to appease doll. High Quality: high quality

Fluffy French Bulldog Stuffed Pillow, Plush Toy And Charm

Perfect presents for any Frenchie lover or owner!
  • Made from premium, super-soft polyester plush material
  • Adorably accurate details
  • Super cuddly

French Bulldog Big Pig Plush Toy

French Bulldog Big Pig Plush Toy We bet that your Frenchie would love to have a ‘friend’ to spend time

French Bulldog Plush Home Slippers

French Bulldog Plush Home Slippers If you’re looking for a perfect gift for French Bulldog owner or lover – look

French Bulldog Plush Pig Hoodie

French Bulldog Plush Pig Hoodie Wiggle your little one with the French Bulldog Plush Pig Hoodie! Plush hoodie Suitable for

French Bulldog Plush Pillow Cover

French Bulldog Plush Pillow Cover Product info: Size: 45cm x 45cm (about 18″x18″ ) Fabric Product: Plush fabrics 

French bulldog plush toy

French bulldog plush toy is ready to decorate your home or to thrill your special person! Only Frenchie owners understand the love and obsession for buying these toys.
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Washable
  • Short and soft plush
  • Great gift for kids, dogs, and Frenchie owners
Why do we love it?Since Frenchies are unique in so many ways, it would be bad not the have a plush toy inspired by your little gremlin. Those bat ears, huge eyes, and smushed faces would hardly anyone resist. This French bulldog plush toy comes in 2 sizes and may serve as a toy both for your pet and your kids.Dimensions: 22cm 27cm

French Bulldog Plush Toy

French Bulldog Plush Toy

French Bulldog Shell House Bed

Frenchies adore warm and cuddled feelings that will keep them snuggled during winter months. That’s why you gotta have this French Bulldog Shell House Bed!The edges on this dog house are flexible, so your pup can shape it as an edge for putting the head. It is available in many colors and can help a Frenchie to stay away from catching a cold. Since it has elevated edges that resemble a nest, this dog house is great for anxious French bulldogs that are afraid to be left alone.Size info:M 41cmX 46cmX 34cmL 46cmX 53cmX 43cm