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French Bulldog Throne Bed

Show everyone that your Frenchie is the princess/ prince in your house by allowing him/her to sleep in our French Bulldog Throne Bed.
  • Cute pick to decorate your interior
  • Made of soft and luxurious plush
  • Easy-clean fabric
  • Decorated with sewn woven details
  • Filled with silicone felt
  • Suitable for Frenchies of all ages
Why We Love It?Your Frenchie princess or prince will now have their own throne where they can chill, sleep, and have a rest. It is available in so many patterns so you’ll surely have a hard time choosing. The French Bulldog Throne Bed comes with elevated edges that serve as a pillow, while the backside is ideal for keeping the pup warm. Your Frenchie will be able to relax and lean on while showing everyone who is the ‘boss’ in the house.Size info:Length 50cm /19.7 inch Height 50cm / 19.7 inch

Lace Princess Dog Crib

Your precious baby deserves the best with the Lace Princess Dog Crib in Baby Doll!
  • Two tiered romantic handmade lace
  • Ultra soft for maximum comfort
  • Removable pillow
  • Made in the USA!
Why We Love It:The Lace Princess Dog Crib is a truly beautiful piece to bring your little one home to start sweet dreams. Trimmed in two tiered handmade lace trim. A removable pillow is great for easy care. Fluff and puff to your pets night. Made in the USA!

Princess Plush Lace Dog Bed


Princess Plush Lace Dog Bed

This Princess Plush Lace Dog Bed comes in a pink finish with luxurious pink round lace, adding an elegant style to any French Bulldog parent home.Princess Plush Lace Dog Bed is made of pet safe non-toxic fabrics so you can rest assured that your Frenchie is safe and sleeping in style.
  • Detachable pet cushions for easy cleaning
  • Plush fabrics, Tulle brim
  • Ultra soft
  • Machine washable
  • Pet safe non-toxic fabric
Sizing info:Small