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“Come Together” Frogdog Pajamas

Your darling Frenchie is sure to have sweet dreams wearing these simple little jammies.The Frenchie World® "Come Together" frogdog pajamas sre made from ultra-soft thermal cotton spandex featuring a little frog. Sleepy time has never looked cuter! For extra warmth, try layering under a tank or jacket.Proudly made in the U.S.A.Size table:Size: S, Heath: 20CM, Chest: 29CM, length:23cm, Weight: 2KGSize: SM, head circumference: 23CM, chest circumference: 34CM, length:26cm, weight: 2-3kgSize: M, head circumference: 26CM, chest circumference: 39CM, length:30cm, weight: 3-5kgSize: L, head circumference: 30CM, chest circumference: 44CM, length: 34CM, weight: 4.5-7kgSize: XL, Heel: 35CM, Chest: 51CM, length: 39CM, Weight: 6-9kgSize: XXL, Heath: 40CM, Chest: 59CM, length: 45CM, Weight: 8-13kgSize: FB, Heath: 40CM, Chest: 62CM, length: 39CM, Weight: 8-13kg

“Cheap & Chic” Ultra soft durable bed

"Cheap & Chic" Ultra soft durable bedWhy We Love It:Fit for pet royalty, this quilted dog bed is simply stunning. The luxurious design features a warm, dark chocolate brown colored quilted fabric, raised sides for extra comfort, and a soft and cozy white fleece lining. Perfectly blending modern design with function, this bed is made from Polyester and can be cleaned in the washing machine. Both pet owners and their pups will surely appreciate the chic style and comfort of this bed.

Butterfly Dog Sofa With Pillow

Your pup will be ready for Dreamland in this plush Butterfly Dog Sofa With Pillow in Pink or Blue.
  • Striped design
  • Soft interior
  • Machine washable
  • Removable cover
Why We Love It:A perfect choice for your pup, this Butterfly Dog Sofa With Pillow blends style and comfort in one practical design. The plush lining ensures that your dog feels completely relaxed and cozy, while the pink colors and cute striped pattern with bows guarantee that this dog bed looks fantastic anywhere in your home.Easy to care for, this machine washable polyester bed will maintain its good looks for a long time.

Canvas Soft & Cozy French Bulldog Bed

Canvas Soft & Cozy French Bulldog BedFor your Frenchie no day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap. Therefore, make sure he sleeps in our Soft & Cozy French Bulldog bed that provides full-body support.
  • Elevated edges that support a dog’s neck
  • Perfectly fits all types of interior
  • Elegant design
  • Filled with felt; outer layer- waterproof oxford
  • Weights: 0.5-1.3kg
  • Available in 3 colors
Why do we love it?Your dog will get a full night sleep in our Soft & Cozy French bulldog bed. Since it’s made of waterproof oxford, it represents a good pick both for untrained puppies and seniors that deal with bladder issues. The felt lining shapes according to your dog’s body, so your pooch will have the feeling of sleeping in foamy clouds. The easy-clean fabric helps you to easier maintain your dog’s bed clean. You can clean it with a wet cloth because the fabric doesn’t absorb the dirt.Size chart:

Folding Soft Car French Bulldog Seat

  • Removable faux sheep skin lining for washing.
  • Attached safety leash.
  • Zippered front compartment, holds leash, toys, food and more.
  • Faux imitation sheepskin lining on the sides for comfort.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Perfect for pets up to 12 kg.
Size chart:

French Bulldog Super Soft Fluffy Striped Sweater

French Bulldog Super Soft Fluffy Striped Sweater Your dog will fell in love at first sight by wearing this French

Frenchie Fuzzy Sweater With a Bunny Bag

Turn your little Frenchie princes into a glamorous four-legged lady by wearing this fuzzy hoodie with a bunny bag! Every Frenchie lady deserves to have a special outfit for birthday parties, weddings and other fabulous events.
  • Ultra soft fleece
  • Adorable girly design
  • Cute decorative bunny bag
  • Machine washable
Why we love it?This Glamorous Frenchie hoodie comes with a cute bunny bag that can be worn separately. It comes in two colors that are great to match with different outfits. The fabric is warm and will work as a thermal layer over your dog’s tiny coat. The high cut is put to prevent potty messes, while the fabric is stretchable enough to make your dog enough comfy.Size chart:

Frenchie Ultra Soft Towel

Using high-absorbent towels after bathing your Frenchie is equally important as maintaining his good hygiene.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable on 60 c
  • Size: 25 x 48 cm
  • Emblazoned with Frenchie details
Why do we love it?Available in two colors, this Frenchie soft towel will be there to pick up all the water from his/her fur. Instead of using a hairdryer on your dog, we suggest you use a towel. It is soft to the touch and it won’t irritate your dog’s sensitive skin.

Frenchie World® Cozy soft cave house

Frenchie World® Cozy soft cave houseThis is a cozy & warm ozy soft cave house for your Frenchie, which is made of durable oxford cloth and plush materials. Perfect for cats, dogs and other small animals. Besides, with a removable cushion.Features- Colors: Grey/Brown - Material: Durable oxford cloth and plush. - Size: 35 x 35, 40 x 40 cm - A comfortable, private and warm place to sleep or relax. - So comfy once your pet is inside, they may not come out.

Frenchie World® Fox leash & harnesses

Frenchie World® Fox collar & harnesses

Frenchie World® Soft Sleeping Bed

Frenchie World® Soft Sleeping BedPop up some fun and a great place to rest with the Frenchie World® Soft Sleeping Bed in Blue!
  • Red polka dot pattern and solid schemed
  • Cute mouse ears
  • Reversible and washable cushion
  • 100% Polyester
  • Assembly required
  • Matching soft cushion included
Why We Love It:The Frenchie World® Soft Sleeping Bed is a shiny home of their own, Rilver polka dot pattern exterior with solid schemed bed.Lightweight, durable and ultra soft, cozy sleeping nest for your Frenchie. Cushion is reversible and washable.

Frenchie World® Teddy Bed

Frenchie World® Teddy BedYour little cutie will love to snuggle in this Frenchie World® Teddy Bed in Blue, Pink or Brown!
  • Plush fleece home
  • Lightweight polyester
  • Machine washable
Why We Love It:This Frenchie World® Teddy Bed for pets is as adorable as it is functional. Designed with comfort in mind, the house features a soft and plush fleece lining and cushion that will guarantee any dog will feel comfy and snug all through the night. Extra bone comes as surprise!The pale pink color tone is beautiful and it's enhanced with large circles in darker pink, lilac, and white. Manufactured from Polyester, the house can be quickly cleaned in the washing machine....Packing:1pc bed+1pc pad+1pc toy bone
Size S Length 27cm Width 27cm High38cm
Size M Length 33cm Width 33cm  High 37cm