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Anti-Slip waterproof protective socks

Waterproof nonslip dog socksAnti-Slip Protective Socks for Dogs - With Waterproof, Silicon Sole means they can be worn indoors and outdoors. Improve your dog's traction on slippery surfaces - as well protecting boat decks and wooden floors.   With a full silicone covered sole, they can be used for short term outdoor use as well.Great For:
  • Elderly Dogs that are 'Sliding' - stopping the slip will give them more confidence on floors, tiles and stairs.
  • Dogs with Injured Paws - If your dog is suffering from an injured paw or grass allergy, these socks could provide excellent coverage.
  • Protecting Floors & Surfaces - These socks will also protect wooden floors, boat decks and leather car seats from scratches (make sure dog's nails are trimmed so as not to puncture the socks).

Chew Resistant Waterproof French Bulldog Mat

For all Frenchie owners whose puppies are still dealing with the potty messes, we’ve prepared an ultimate solution for keeping their beds and your furniture clean. This Waterproof French Bulldog Mat will not only protect your sofas and beds but will also provide your little gremlin with a cooling effect. Discover how!
  • Filled with soft felt, the outer layer is made of waterproof PVC
  • Attractive design, lightweight and easy-to-pack
  • Suitable both for puppies and senior dogs
  • Available in 2 sizes and colors
Why Do We Love It?Since it’s made of Waterproof PVC, this Waterproof French Bulldog Mat will do the magic for your pup. Whether your senior Frenchie is having trouble with the bladder or you live with an untrained puppy, this mat will rule them all. At the same time, when you place it in a cool spot in the house, your Frenchie will get the cooling effect during the summer season. The mat is easy-to-clean, extremely lightweight and easy to pack, so you can even take it with you when you go traveling. It’s also useful for car use when you want to keep your seats clean from a dog’s hair and potential potty messes.Sizes:Small: about 46 x 35cm / 18.11 * 13.78in

Large: about 61 x 44cm / 24.02 * 17.32in

French Bulldog Raincoat Parka

French Bulldog Raincoat Parka Allow your little gremlin to spend a memorable time in the rain by using our French

French Bulldog Shower Waterproof Curtain

French Bulldog Shower Waterproof Curtain This French Bulldog Shower Waterproof Curtain is the perfect way to celebrate your unique style

French Bulldog Waterproof Winter Quilted Vest

Your Frenchie will look sweet and stylish with the Waterproof Winter Quilted Vest!
  • 3 colors quilted vest
  • Water repellent
  • Warm and comfotable
Why We Love It:The Waterproof Winter Quilted Vest is fun and stylish quilted vest. It comes with a backside zipper. Your French Bulldog will love the looks of this vest!
SizeChestBack LengthNeck

French Bulldog Waterproof Down Jacket

French Bulldog Waterproof Down JacketEnjoy the great outdoors with your Frenchie, and protect her/him against rain, snow, wind, and cold with a French Bulldog Waterproof Down Jacket!
  • Waterproof coating
  • Windproof panels
  • 3 colors
  • Interior fleece layer
Size chart:

Frenchie waterproof car seat cover

  • DOG COVER WITH SIDE FLAPS - Easier for your dog to get in and out of car. With side flaps, the car seat covers can protect your car door from any scratch and keep your dog from falling. The middle zipper on hammock allow pets and kids share the back seat together. Just zip up for a full hammock or zip down for half of hammock, so dogs and passengers can travel together.
  • EXCELLENT SIZE - Excellent size of 54" W x 58" L will perfectly protect your car from scratches or mud. Now you can enjoy family excursions without damaging your car! Our product covers the entire back seat, for ultimate protection and hassle-free rides.
  • EASY SETUP - To easily install, just snap the buckles to the headrests in the front and back seat facing the front. Tuck in the seat anchors to keep the cover staying still.
  • CONVENIENT CLEANING - Incredibly easy to clean! This one of a kind dog seat cover can be easily cleaned with only a cloth, a vacuum or even a watering hose!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If for any reason you find that our pet seat cover does not meet your needs, please feel free to contact us. Your satisfaction is our goal! 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & 180 days warranty.
Size: 17.72*17.72*23.62inch

Frenchie World Snorkel Waterproof Jacket

Frenchie World Snorkel Waterproof Jacket Keep your designer dog warm this fall and winter in this Frenchie World Snorkel Waterproof

Frenchie World Waterproof Dog Vest

Frenchie World Waterproof Dog Vest Bring your Frenchie back to the 90s by wearing this sleeveless and waterproof dog vest! Frenchie World

Frenchie World Waterproof Raincoat Jumpsuit

Your Frenchie will stay fully protected by wearing this Frenchie World Waterproof Raincoat Jumpsuit. Going for a stroll in the rain and wind never seemed easier!
  • Total body protection
  • USA flag on the back
  • Reflective parts included
  • Composition: waterproof polyester
  • Machine washable on 30 c
Why we love it?French bulldog owners can now breathe a sigh of relief because their four-legged gremlins will be completely safe to walk in rainy and windy weather. The hood has transparent protection for a dog’s head and comes with a hole on the back to attach the leash. There is also a reflective stripe, so your pooch will stay spotted in low light conditions.Size chart:

Frenchie World® Transparent waterproof raincoat

Frenchie World® Transparent waterproof raincoatNo more wet fur! Protect your French Bulldog from the rain in waterproof rain coat.This lightweight rain jacket features one of the most comfortable rain coat designs available:
  • Helps dogs feel more comfortable in wet weather
  • Integrated hood provides full coverage from head to tail
Size chart:

Hooded Waterproof Jumpsuit

Hooded Waterproof Jumpsuit Bring your Hooded Waterproof Jumpsuit in matching bag and don’t worry about rain days! Matching bag Waterproof 3