Summer Shirts for your French Bulldog: Aloha With A Style

Isn’t it cute to see a Frenchie walking down the street dressed in a cute shirt? Well, besides being cute, a Frenchie actually needs to wear clothes. These wonderful dogs require wearing lightweight shirts even in summer months because in that way you’ll protect their sensitive skin from UV rays. Another great thing about wearing summer shirts is that you can buy a Frenchie shirt that will provide him with a cooling effect on the hot summer day.

Frenchie World® Hawaiian shirts

Let’s make some unforgettable summer moments with this Frenchie World Hawaiian shirt! It’s made of pleasant lightweight cotton that is suitable for warm summer months. The vibrant colors will definitely catch everyone’s eye and bring some unique dog apparel.

We advise you to make sure you took good measures of your Frenchie because the material is not stretchable. In case your French bulldog often suffers from environmental allergies, this shirt will definitely help to keep his fur clean.

Solid Dog Polo by Frenchie World®

Another fashionable French bulldog shirt made of breathable and pleasant material is available in vast colors.  Dog shirts present great solutions for dogs that suffer from alopecia whose skin needs to stay protected from sun rays.

These solid dog polo shirts are machine washable, don’t lose color and don’t shrink. 


Summer Cooling Vest

Summer cooling vest presents an inevitable part of French bulldog clothing! Since Frenchies are prone to overheating due to their shortened nostrils, it’s very important to help them to cool off in summer. Therefore, this shirt can become your summer problem solver!

It’s made in bright colors and stylish design which makes it a great decor for your furry friends. Submerse the clothes into the water for few secs and squeeze out the water, so it will help remove the heat under the principle of evaporation.

After you wet the product, gently twist it and shake it several times. It only takes a few seconds to cool the product.

If you feel the product is warming, please shake it again several times to continue to get a cooling effect.

Watermelon Soft Cotton Dog Vest & Skirt

This soft, comfortable and breathable watermelon shirt will protect your pet from direct sunlight. It’s available both in male and female designs and can be worn at any time of the day. It’s not only stylish but it also helps control your French bulldog dander and shedding.

Mud Splash dog tank shirt

For all those batpigs that love to roll in the grass, we prepared this Mud Splash dog tank t-shirt. It’s perfect for layering, made of 100 % cotton, and can be machine washable.

During the summer and spring months, this French bulldog t-shirt can help in keeping your batpig’s belly cleaner when he runs through wet grass, weeds, mud, etc. It also can prevent him from getting insect bites.

Ice cream Spring Dog Shirt

Look at a furry cutie going down the street! We bet your Frenchie will be sweet as ice cream in this Spring dog shirt! It’s made of 100 % cotton and comes in vibrant blue color. The shirt features a high cut, so you can be sure your Frenchie will not experience any unplanned mess when going to the potty.

I Love My Mom Dog Hoodie

Specially created for Frenchie moms for their cute furry babies, this dog hoodie can serve as an extra layer during cozy summer evenings! It’s available in 4 colors and vast sizes.

Frenchie World® Flower Hawaiian shirts

In case you are searching for a vibrant colored summer shirt for your Frenchie, then this could become your best choice. It can be worn both on the beach or when walking through the town.

This soft comfy and breathable material will help those furry gremlins from overheating. Fastener closure is put instead of a button, so it’s very easy and convenient to be put on and off.

Frenchie World® Baseball Shirt

Is your Frenchie athletic type of a dog? Joking aside, we are sure that this shirt will become his favorite piece of clothes during cozy spring and summer nights. We put buttons instead of the zipper on the belly part, so you can be sure your Frenchie will be comfortable while wearing it.

You Rescued My Heart Dog Shirt

In the name of all abandoned Frenchies that found their places in shelters and rescue centers, we decided to create a Frenchie World brand that donates 1 meal for those lonely batpigs that wait to find their places in warm homes.

So, in case you own a rescued Frenchie, why not to give a good example to other people who want to own a dog? Show the world that rescued pets have the biggest hearts with this You Rescued My Heart Dog Shirt.

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