Top 8 Items Work-From-Homers Should Own

If you work from home, and your Frenchie is your only colleague, then we must say that you’re a happy man/woman! Our pooches don’t just improve our moods, but they’re also great stress-relievers. Not only does having a dog or cat around give you an excuse to take breaks and step away from your computer screen during the day, but it can ease out all of that tension in your life as well! Plus, there’s nothing like free snuggles to make everything better after such an exhausting day.

On the other hand, working from home can sometimes become a bit exhausting. As we all know, Frenchies adore being in the center of attention, so they’ll probably try to do everything, just to have a seat in your lap. Imagine that you’re having an important online meeting with your coworkers and your Frenchie starts to bark or howl in the middle of the presentation. Luckily, many pet parents have found great ways to keep their pets occupied while enjoying all the benefits of working from home.

How to keep your French bulldog entertained if you work from home?

Nothing makes a dog more calmed and relaxed than a training lesson or long walk through the neighborhood. Both you and your furry friend will feel better after having a relaxing walk in the fresh air. It restarts our mind and recharges energy which is extremely important for having a productive day at work. To keep your dog distracted and help him/her have both physical and mental occupation, we’ve selected the top 8 items every work-from-homers should own.

Self Rolling Interactive Ball

If your pooch is a lover of playing fetch, then you should have a look at the following self-rotating ball. This interactive pet ball will never stop rolling. Your dog will chase the ball thanks to a 360-degree rotating system. Even when it collides with walls, chairs, and beds, the ball will change the direction and continue rolling. The fuzzy plush cover is removable and can be washed when it gets dirty.

Sniffing Stress Release Mat

Another toy for a Frenchie that will keep him busy and distracted is the mat with hidden treats. The scent of snacks will attract his attention and make him work for his food. This interactive dog toy is the ultimate solution for anxious dogs that act like Velcros. Using this, you’ll be able to have more time to finish errands at home. Whether you want to leave the house, work from home, or take a quick rest, an empty food pouch on it will occupy their attention and attract them!

Tug Of War Chew Toy For French Bulldogs

With the rope ball, you can train your puppy to play fetch or chew through the painful teeth growing process. It features an attached ball and comes with a handle for the owner that no dog would resist! Besides it’s a great entertainment toy, it also removes tartar and plaque from the French bulldog’s teeth.

Silicone Dog Slow Feeding Mat

This Frenchie World Silicone Dog Feeding Mat is a great way to give your dog playtime as well as food. It has an anti-slip bottom that makes it easy for you to decide where to put it. Place this mat on any surface in your home, including tiles or your balcony. You can fill it with peanut butter, dry kibble, and other small treats that can fit into the zig-zag canals.

Pet Hair Remover For Washing Machine

Do you have to leave the house but all of your clothes look like Yeti has worn it? Even though French bulldogs don’t shed a lot, we can still find their fur on our clothes especially during the shedding season. To keep your clothes free of your French bulldog’s hair, we suggest you use this hair remover for the washing machine. The patent-pending pet fur remover helps remove fur, hair, lint, dander and more on your clothes, pet bed, jackets, blankets, and more.

French Bulldog Hair Fur Remover

Another item that will ease the time spent with your Frenchie while working from home is this hair fur remover. If you work from home and have pets, there’s a good chance that you know what it’s like to hop on camera during Zoom call and realize your Frenchie’s fur is everywhere’on your clothes, your couch, even your office chair. Therefore, this hair fur remover will be a quick solution for getting rid of persistent dander and dog hair.

Durable Dog Chew For Teeth Plaque Control

Are you dealing with a lack of free time and your dog needs an urgent tooth brushing? Luckily, this chew toy can help. You can fill this French bulldog toy with dental treats or dog toothpaste and watch how your dog is doing it all alone. The rubber pins will trigger his attention, so he will continue chewing it even when the treats are gone.

Frenchie World ® IQ Treat ball interactive food egg

The interactive egg represents the ultimate solution for dogs who choke or eat fast. If you don’t have time to prepare your dog a meal, then this egg will do it for you. Just fill it with dry kibble food and choose the level of difficulty. As your Frenchie rolls it, he will get tasty bites of food and prevent bloating and flatulence. The interactive feeding egg is also great for dogs who deal with separation anxiety. It keeps a dog occupied and makes it work for his food.

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