Understanding A French Bulldog Silent Heat


If you own an unspayed Frenchie female, then you can expect that she will go through a heat cycle two or three times a year. However, have you ever wondered what to do when your Frenchie doesn’t show any signs of going through the heat? Well, before you start panicking, you need to know that dams can deal with silent heat too.frenchie_heat_large-1-4314559

 What is a silent heat in female French bulldogs?

Every female dog goes through a heat every six months. However, it also occurs that small dog breeds can have it 3 times a year, while giant breeds only once. Smaller breeds who reach an early sexual maturity can have one or two silent heats before showing a regular cycle.

A silent heat is a period during which your dog goes through heat but without showing regular symptoms. Since the regular symptoms include behavioral and physical changes, you might find it very confusing to see that your four-legged princess doesn’t show any of them.

As you already know, the main symptom of a normal heat is a discharge and swelling of the vulva. Besides, you can spot certain behavioral changes such as an enhanced interaction with male dogs.

It’s also important to mention that there is a huge difference between skipped and silent heat in French bulldogs. Skipping a heat cycle is often followed by medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, hypoadrenocorticism, and hyperadrenocorticism. Therefore, it’s highly important to observe all the facts to determine the condition.

Besides skipped, silent, and normal heat, female dogs can also have so-called split and prolonged heats.

Symptoms to spot when a French bulldog is going through a silent heat

Aggressive Behavior

Changes in behavior are very common in dams that are expecting the heat. Just like women, female Frenchies can also become moody and show frequent behavioral changes. Aggressive behavior in Frenchies that go through a heat cycle is very common, so this can be one of the first sings to spot.

Progesterone level

If you’re planning to schedule mating of your Frenchie, then you should measure your dog’s progesterone level every month. In that way, you’ll make sure that everything is ok with ovaries.  A serum progesterone level above 2 ng/mL indicates functional luteal tissue. When a dog goes through the heat, this level will increase.


Increased interest

If the male dogs from your neighborhood go nuts for your four-legged princess every time you go for a stroll, then it’s pretty obvious then she’s going through a silent heat. Besides, the increased interest can also be seen from the dam’s side as well.

Destructive behavior, whining and barking

Besides previously mentioned symptoms, a silent heat in French bulldogs can also be followed by whining, barking, and showing destructive behavior. The female may seem nervous and clingier. Other changes in behavior may include playing bowing or tipping forward, and an inability to settle or relax.

How to help your female Frenchie to deal with a silent heat?

To relax your little princess and settle her emotions down, I suggest you occupy her attention with toys. You can do that by using one of our great interactive dog toys that can hide tasty snacks. The following Frenchie World Snuffle mat will attract her attention from feeling anxious and will keep her occupied because you can put dozens of treats inside of it.

If your Frenchie also shows a tendency to chew on home items, I suggest you buy a chew toy. Chew toys are durable yet interesting to dogs because they feature hundreds of pins that clean the teeth.


To ease the tension and pains in your female Frenchie’s belly, you can also provide her with a relaxing warm bath. Use one of our Frenchie World Oil Extracted Fragrances and your pet will surely easier deal with the ‘invisible’ symptoms of a silent heat.


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