What Are the Best Separation Anxiety French Bulldog Toys?

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How many times you’ve been worried about leaving your Frenchie home alone? Frenchies are NOT the kind of creatures that enjoy living alone, they constantly thrive for attention and like spending time with people. In other words, French Bulldogs need to be involved in their pack. In this case, you’re his only pack leader.

Therefore, before you decide to leave your pooch home alone, you need to teach him how to stay entertained while you’re out. Since those lovely batpigs belong to Velcro dogs, it may seem difficult in the beginning. However, there’s the light at end of every tunnel.

Who are Velcro dogs?

Velcro dogs are more prone to suffering from dog separation anxiety since they were bred to work as companions and to be more dependent. On the other hand, this condition must not always be conditioned by genetics. It’s important to know that we can also encourage our dog’s behavior without realizing it. Older French bulldogs can especially become clingy as they get old and start losing their sense of hearing and vision. Since every health change is very stressful, they want to stick close to their owners. A Dog can also become Velcro if he’s not given enough physical and mental exercise.

The role of separation anxiety toys

Since dogs are naturally curious creatures- interactive toys stimulate and captivate their amazing senses. That’s why we advise you to buy toys that can entertain your dog by engaging him to work for a treat. There’re also many medical studies that have shown the effectiveness of the dog’s swaddling jacket. It helps ease your four-legged friend’s anxiety by implementing constant enjoyable pressure on their body.


What interactive toys to choose?

When we talk about the help of interactive toys, every dog owner should provide appropriate toys to his dog (those that he can mouth at, and those he can paw at). By observing his mood, and actions, you can easily figure out what the dog enjoys and prefers to play with. Toys that have proven to be the best in the treatment of separation anxiety are definitely interactive food eggs and different dispensing balls.fetchmate-automatic-tennis-ball-launcher-frenchie-world-shop-3672146673765-4187570

Different French bulldog interactive toys are perfect for training, rewarding, and getting your puppy through a terrible teething phase. Many dogs figure out very quickly how interactive toys ‘work’, but those that couldn’t understand at first become even more anxious about it. In that case, your job is to teach your dog how to learn skills and to solve the problem. By solving a problem, your dog will begin to build self-confidence and empowerment. Food toys are always preferable because every dog becomes interested in something that consists of food. The interactive (feeding) toys should be used in a way to create a positive association with the confinement area. The dog can start loving the area where you leave him while you’re still in the house by connecting it with his favorite toys stuffed with his favorite snacks.

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