What Do I Need For A French Bulldog Puppy?

It’s an undeniable fact that bringing a French bulldog puppy home presents one of the most special moments in your life. It will not only change your home forever but will also teach you responsibility. In case you’re curious to discover what do you need for a French bulldog puppy, our list will surely help you.

 What do you need for a Frenchie puppy?

After you chose what puppy is the right for you, the next step presents buying over needed items for your four-legged family member. From the moment when that furry creature pawed into your life, your life is going to change forever. You’ll always have a buddy for a walk through the neighborhood, and he will always stay by your side, even in the toughest times. So, let’s start with our list.

1. Choosing the right bed for your French bulldog puppy

We all know how much is essential for a newborn puppy to have a quality time of sleeping. In the end, it should be in the first place for all of us. Since Frenchie puppies approximately sleep 18 hours a day, their bed needs to be warm and cozy. In case it’s the summertime, you need to put them sleeping on a self-cooling pad that will prevent them from overheating. Since Frenchies are not like other dog breeds, this should be one of the most essential concerns when living with this dog breed.

On the other hand, if you bought a French bulldog puppy in winter, then you should think of how to save it from hyperthermia. Since Frenchies have short snouts and hair, they are at risk to suffer from this issue. The following dog house consists of two parts ( the warm pad and the roof). Therefore, you can choose when your puppy will sleep in a dog house and when to chill on a cozy bed.

2. Get your home ready for a Frenchie puppy

Owning a dog is the same as having a child. Therefore, it requires some changes in your living place. Since puppies like to investigate the new objects especially when they are going through a terrible teething phase, I advise you to remove all fragile items from their vicinity. Another important step is to make sure the puppy will not be able to reach household cleaning items.

In case you want to start with teaching a puppy to go to a crate, baby gates and x-pens may present a great solution.

3. Buying a French bulldog harness and a collar

Dog harnesses present a much better option from collars when teaching a puppy to walk on a leash. They not only provide essential body support but also make puppies feel comfortable while wearing them. Unlike collars, harnesses prevent dogs from choking. The following Rhinestone Soft Dog Harness is made of pleasant fabric that will not cause any irritations in your French bulldog.

 When we talk about dog collars, they are convenient for adult pooches that already know how to walk on the leash obediently. In some countries, wearing a collar is prescribed by law. They not only serve to hook the leash but also to carry your dog’s identification tag. Click on the following image to discover our favorite Engraved Frenchie collar.

 4. French bulldog grooming brush or glove

Regular grooming of a French bulldog coat will not only help your dog to remove the dead hair but will also improve its quality. Since Frenchies don’t have a thick layer of fur, you don’t need to use hard dog brushes. The following Needle comb can be used once a week to remove your dog’s dead hair.

On the other hand, silicone gloves contain dozens of soft silicone pins that will not damage your Frenchie’s hair, so it can be used daily.

5. Using the appropriate French bulldog shampoo

As you probably already know, the French bulldog breed is notorious for their sensitive skin. Therefore, you shouldn’t try bathing your little gremlin with unknown cheap shampoo. The following shampoo is specially created for the French bulldog breed.

It is rich in natural ingredients and can be used for soothing inflammations, reducing itching symptoms and skin repair.

6. Dog feeding bowl

How can we forget about buying the right French bulldog feeding bowl? These little gremlins are prone to suffering from gasses and flatulence because of their brachycephalic skulls. Since they can’t properly reach the food from a feeding bowl, Frenchies literally inhale the food. Therefore, buying a good feeding and water bowl will save your pooch from experiencing excessive gasses.


 7. French bulldog toys

Toys not only can teach your dog to spend time alone but they also serve to improve his intelligence. Every dog deserves to have his own toys that he can use for chewing and teeth strengthening. By teaching a dog to play with toys instead of with your home items, you can feel calm about leaving your pet alone.

The following Slow feeding toy can present a great option when you need to sneak out from the house.8. Dog nail trimmer

Since your Frenchie’s paws do a lot for his body, you need to appropriately take care of his paws. Ingrown nails are one of the worst-case scenarios that may happen to your furry friend. That’s why I recommend you using the following Nail Grooming Tool. It has a super quiet motor that will not scare your little batpig.

 Frenchie Paw Balm is another essential product for your little gremlin. It is rich in propolis, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and other useful and natural ingredients. It can be used daily for soothing and moisturizing the dog’s dry or cracked paws.

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