French Bulldog Bottles

Keep your Frenchie hydrated throughout the day by using our French bulldog bottles. You’ll find a great assortment of bottles for Frenchies that come with collapsible and easy-open lids that may serve as drinking bowls.

What are the best-selling French bulldog bottles?

Finding the right portable and practical French bulldog bottle might sound challenging because you probably want to find a solution both for your dog’s food and water. Since Frenchies are prone to dehydration during the warm months, you always need to allow your dog to have access to freshwater. The following Frenchie World 2 in 1 Travel bottle can be used when you spend time outdoors. The lid/ collapsible bowl is hooked onto the bottle so you can use it to serve a dry kibble food for your pet. The bottle consists of a double divider that is designed to carry both your Frenchie’s dry kibble and water. 

Our second best-selling French bulldog bowl is the following Frenchie World® Portable Dog Water Bottle.  The size of a bottle is perfect to be hooked on the leash while going for a stroll with your Frenchie. It comes in many colors, and the collapsible bowl allows your dog to easily drinks water.

H2O French Bulldog Foldable Portable Water Bottle is a revolutionary solution because the folded cap acts as a water bowl. By pressing the water bottle, you’ll allow the water to flow into the ‘bowl’. The top rotational buckle is designed to ensure that water does not return and it will always keep the water clean and fresh. There is also a silicone gasket inside of the lid, that will prevent leaking.

If you are searching for a unique and cute French bulldog bottle, look no more because this one is designed to catch everyone’s eye. PORTABLE FRENCH BULLDOG WATER BOTTLE comes with a removable top and a button that serves to release water. Made of safe and durable plastic, this Frenchie bottle has a capacity of 380 ml to refresh your dog’s summer adventures.